BRAVE CF president Mohammed Shahid confirms Martins vs Grabinski will be rebooked after last-minute cancellation

Minsk, Belarus – BRAVE CF 51 in Belarus was struck by a last-minute cancelation when Marcel Grabinski fell ill literally moments before the main event of the evening against Lucas “Mineiro” Martins.

Following the unfortunate series of events, BRAVE CF president Mohammed Shahid confirmed that the organization plans to rebook the Lightweight bout.

“This fight will be rescheduled as soon as the next BRAVE CF event. Lucas deserves it and I am sure both fighters are devastated that this fight was canceled. The situation is medical and out of our hands as the health of fighters is always the first priority”, Mr. Shahid said. 

“Marcel could not make it to the fight just a few minutes before the main event since he was not feeling well and the medical team confirmed that he will not be able to fight”, he continued, giving further details on the situation.

“This can happen to anyone and we saw this happen before as well. Health is most important and we are hoping for him to rest and get well soon”.

Following BRAVE CF 51, both Lucas Martins and Marcel Grabinski have come forward and expressed their wish to meet inside the BRAVE CF Arena after their first encounter issues and have continued on with their rivalry, especially from Martins’ side.

The Brazilian former champion didn’t like the words used by Grabinski in the build-up to the fight, when the German athlete spoke about his jiu-jitsu, and said it was disrespectful of Marcel to talk like that.

Lucas wished his counterpart a full recovery but promised to make him pay for his words once the fight is rebooked. And, from Mr Shahid’s words, this will happen sooner rather than later.


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