BRAVE CF president Mohammed Shahid excited by new signings and future of Super Welterweight: ‘World-class, killer fighters!’

Seef District, Bahrain – BRAVE Combat Federation has beefed up its roster with a string of huge signings in the Super Welterweight division, which will now compete with the strong line-up already in place in the fastest-growing MMA organization in the world.

In the last few days, BRAVE CF has announced the signings of Ismail Naurdiev (20-4), Kamal Magomedov (8-0), Andreas Stahl (12-4), Nursulton Ruziboev (29-8-2) and Luis Felipe Dias (14-3). They join the likes of world champion Jarrah Al-Silawi (15-3), the best Arab MMA fighter of all time, former champion Abdoul Abdouraguimov (12-1), Kevin Ruart (9-3), and other established BRAVE CF stars.

For president Mohammed Shahid, this will be one of the weight-classes to keep an eye on for the year, as the line-up of fighters will have the advantage of fighting at their optimal weight class.

‘’In 2021 my attention will be heavily on the Super Welterweight division (79,4kg/175 lbs). The fact that these athletes, who are either cutting too much weight or fighting in a weight-class that looks above their own, can now fight in a division that is optimal for them, will bring you one of the strongest and most exciting weight-classes. I just can’t wait to see the new signings join the BRAVE CF Super Welterweight roster, with all of them fighting in their best division. That’s a list of world class killer fighters’’, said Shahid.

BRAVE Combat Federation’s decision to open up the Super Welterweight division was met with welcome arms from fighters, who now had a new option to compete at their optimal weight. The 165-pound division (Super Lightweight) has been opened up with the same goal – to provide an option to fighters that feel as if they’re too small for Lightweight (155-pounds), and too big for the traditional Welterweights, now have an opportunity to fight at an in-between weight with championship aspirations and worldwide recognition on the line. 

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