Brave champ Carlston Harris hits out at interim title talk: ‘It’s disrespectful’

Brave Welterweight champion Carlston Harris has been sidelined with a thigh injury and was unable to defend his crown at Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises. He was scheduled to face Jarrah Al-Silawi, but other contenders have demanded an interim title fight while the champ recovers. However, “Moçambique” has hit out at the likes of Tahar Hadbi and new signing Karl Amoussou and claimed any talk of an interim title is “disrespectful” to him.

“I’m injured, but I’m almost fit again and will soon be ready to defend my title. And if there’s a fighter that deserves to fight for the title, that fighter is Jarrah Al-Silawi, not Hadbi or Amoussou. There’s no need for an interim title, it’s disrespectful to talk about that. I’ve already promised to face Al-Silawi next. He deserves the shot”, says Harris.

Speaking specifically about Hadbi and Amoussou, the champ said both fighters need to get in line to face him and perhaps get one more win before fighting for the title.

“Amoussou is a newbie and already looking to make a splash. He needs to fight and win under the Brave banner first! Hadbi is coming off a very good win, he fought and beat decisively one of the toughest guys in the division. But he needs to wait a bit more for his crack at me. Maybe he needs to fight again. But don’t worry kids, daddy is coming back soon!”.

Harris also provided an update on his injury and claims he’s already back in light training and is looking to get a fight in the near future – ideally against top contender Al-Silawi.

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“I’ve already gone back to training. It’s still early days, but I’m feeling good about making a good comeback soon. Hopefully, I can get to fight soon, I’m itching to get back in there and defend my title”, guarantees “Moçambique”.

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