Brave Combat Federation 13: Live Results And Updates


Coming to you live from the SSE Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland for Brave Combat Federation 13: Europe Evolution, where the co-main event for the evening sees Myles Price vs Norman Parke and the main event sees the Bantamweight World Title on the line as Stephen Loman defends against Frans Mlambo.


Keep up to date with results & update from the event below:


Frans Mlambo VS Stephen Loman

Rd1- Loman lands a few low kicks as the two feel each other out as they move around the cage. Loman is throwing a few punches to feel the distance between him and Mlambo as he’s way off. Mlambo lands big strike, knocking Loman off his feet, with Mlambo aggressively pushing forward but Loman survives. Both hit the ground as Loman takes Mlambo down, but they’re soon back on their feet. Nice knee hit and punch followup by Mlambo, Loman responds with a low kick. Loman attempts a takedown that sees the two go from one side of the cage to the other, but Mlambo stands his ground and breaks the hold. Nice exchange of strikes between the two. Good first round from the challenger.

Rd2- Nice kick from Mlambo to the body. Loman lands a low kick, Mblambo responds with a few punches. Loman takes Mlambo on in a clinch but is unsuccessful. Nice strike from Mlambo as Loman goes in with a leg kick. Loman is throwing leg kicks to do any kind of damage buy Mlambo keeps pressing forward. Loman lands a nice high kick, which Mlambo retaliates with a nice punch. Loman takes down Mlambo. Loman strikes body shots while Mlambo strikes the head of Loman. The two are back on their feet with Loman landing knees to the head. Nice punches from Mlambo and Loman strikes back in kind. Loman may have edged that round so 1-1.

Rd3- Loman attempts takedown but Mlambo stays on his feet. They’re clinched at against the cage with Loman throwing a few knee shots and tries takedown again and this time succeeds. Loman mounts Mlambo throwing punches and elbows. Mlambo adjusts his body the Loman has to let go but the quickly gets on Mlambo’s back, taking him back to the ground. Loman throws a few body strikes as we’ve a minute left. He’s pressing for a submission but Mlambo is defending well. As he aggressively aims for that choke, throwing a few punches to try and weaken Mlambo for an open and lock it in the buzzer sounds. 2-1 Loman.

Rd4 – As the round gets starting, refs stops the bout so Mlambo can fix his shorts. We’re back and Loman starts landing a few kicks, which Mlambo returns in kind. Nice strikes to the head from Mlambo. Loman throws some low kicks. Mlambo lands strikes to the head as Loman attempts a takedown. Loman takes down Mlambo to the ground but he uses that momentum to throw Loman off him. Mlambo lands a nice kick as Loman takes him up against the cage for a clinch.

Rd5. Loman lands a few kicks as Mlambo lands a few strikes. Loman attempts a takedown and eventually succeeds. Loman is throwing a number of head shots as Mlambo takes to defend on his back. Loman starts using his elbows. Loman has cut Mlambo at what appears to be his right eyebrow. Mlambo attempts to use his lower body strength and literally push Loman off him but he quickly mounts back up to him. Going to judges decision.

Winner via unanimous decision Stephen Loman


Myles Price VS Norman Parke

Rd1- Price starts strong with a furious combo of head shots. Parke takes Price down to the ground. Price tries to extend his leg up to tip Parke off of him but Parke uses his body strength to keep I’m down and land a few punches to the head. Price tries to reverse it into catching Parke’s leg for a submission, but Parke quickly turns the tables back into his favour. Parke throws a few knees to the body as he gets on top of Price. Good wrestling skill on show and the two take the clinch to their feet before breaking it up, with Price landing few strikes to the head of Parke. Price lands a kick, before attempting to wrestle Parke to the ground.

Rd2- Nice strike/kick combo from Price as we open theroundl. Parke lands a nice jab whilst Price was throwing a few combos. Parke clinches with Price against the cage, with Price throwing a punch trying to break it, but Parke eventually gets him to the ground. Some elbow shots from Parke on Price. Price tries to adjust his body to get off the ground but is unsuccessful against Parke, who is using his experience to tire Price out. The two are back on their feet, with Price finding more success standing as he lands a few punches and kicks. Parke takes down Price again.

Rd3- Parke takes Price back to the ground. Parke allows Price some space to adjust his body and quickly gets on his back. Price gets back to his feet, before Parke wrestles him back to the ground. The two get back to their feet, with Parke still on Price’s back, throwing a few knees to the leg of Price, taking him back to the ground. Ref breaks the hold, with Price landing a few strikes as they stand and Parke takes it back to a clinch against the cage. Price breaks free, once again lands a few punches before Parke clinches again. Going to the judges to decide but should be Parke named victorious here.

Winner via unanimous decision Norman Parke


Rodrigo Cavalheiro VS Karl Amoussou

Rd1- kicks exchanged between rodrigo and Karl. More kicks landed between the two, with Rodrigo going low and Karl swinging high. K arl lands a hard low kick. Not much striking on show but a few air hits being thrown. Karl lands a nice shot to the head as Rodrigo’s going backwards. The two exchange jabs to the head. The two move around the cage exchange kicks. Karl gets Rodrigo against the cage and lands a knee to the body before the buzzer.

Rd2- Karl lands a kick to the body. Rodrigo attempts a combo of strikes but is unsuccessful. Rodrigo lands a punch before throwing a few kicks to the body, resulting in the referee calling at timeout as Karl is caught down low with one of Rodrigo’s kicks. Karl looks to be really struggling to shake it off. Referee has a word with Karl as Rodrigo waits at the other side of the cage. Karl’s ready to continue and it’s back to scrapping, with Rodrigo landing a few kicks, again with Karl acting as if he caught down low again but ref doesn’t stop and Rodrigo reacts responds quickly by throwing a power shot to Karl’s head, and follows up with a thunder shot as he’s on the mat, knocking him out. Ruthless. The two embrace and show respect as Karl is back up on his feet.

Winner in the round 2 via KO Rodrigo Cavalheiro


Bryan Creighton VS Andy Young

Rd1- Andy starts strong with a few nice punch combinations. Bryan guards the head as Andy throws a few more punches in quick succession. Bryan lands a low kick but is caught with a nice punch by Andy. Bryan starts to throw a few punch combos of his own. Bryan lands a left hook, tries another but Andy dodges. The two get in a clinch, with Andy landing a knee to the body and dodging a flying hook from Bryan. Bryan is starting to get more success with his range as he lands a few head shots. Bryan lands some body shots, with Andy firing a few back to Bryan’s head. Bryan lands a hard body shot and clips Andy,knocking him to the ground but he shoots back up quickly. Good showing between the two in the opening round.

Rd2- Bryan laughs off a high kick attempt from Andy. Bryan throws another combo of punches. Andy throws a leg kick and Bryan responds another explosive punch combo. Andy becomes more aggressive going forward now, landing a few punches. Big takedown from Andy, but Bryan quickly reserves it and the two break the clinch and stand up. Nice headshots and knee followup by Andy. Tries a takedown but Bryan uses it to his advantage, choking Andy into submission and he taps.

Winner in Round 2 via submission (guillotine) Bryan Creighton


Zack Zane VS Declan Dalton

Rd1- The two square off in the centre, Zane throwing high leg kick. Dalton throws one of his own, which the crowd is fully behind the hometown favourite. The two fall to the ground during a tussel, with Dalton coming out on top. Zane attempts to roll out but Dalton holds on, throwing a few punches to the head, followed by a knee upon Zane getting to his feet. Hold breaks. Dalton catches high kick and takes Zane to the ground. Dalton is slowly aiming for a submission that Zane is desperately fighting off with just over 90 seconds left. Dalton throws a few punches as Zane is on his back. The two are back on their feet, with a few punches exchanged. Zane attempts to end the round with a few nice punches to the head, but Dalton catches his jumping knee attempt and takes him to the mat right on the buzzer.

Rd2- Dalton lands a punch to the head, with Zane throwing a punch/high kick combo. Dalton takes Zane in a clinch, but Zane ends up on top as they hit the mat. Zane attempts the RNC but Dalton is fighting it off. Zane throws hard punch. Dalton reserves and gets on top of Zane. Dalton gets Zane back to the ground and two roll the mat, with Zane getting back on top of Dalton. It’s more back and forth between the two in this round. Zane throws a body and head shot, Dalton attempts to stand up but Zane uses his weight to bring him back down and puts him in the clinch for a choke and Dalton taps.

Winner via RNC Zack Zane


Erick Carlsson VS Erick Da Silva

Rd1- slow, methodical pacing in the opening with a few jabs exchanged. Hammer fist from Carlsson on Da silva. Da silva attempts a takedown but Carlsson brushes him off slightly, but Da Silva grips on the hold tight. Eventually Carlsson breaks free of the hold. The two exchange kicks as Carlsson and Da Silva wrestle to the mat. Carlsson throws a few punches and knees in an attempt to break the hold.

Rd2- opening flurry from Carlsson, attempts a jumping knee but gets jabbed in the face by Da Silva. Nice right hook from Carlsson. Da Silva attempts takedown but Carlsson breaks free. Good combo punches from Da Silva, he gets the leg for another takedown attempt but brushed off by Carlsson. Da Silva once again grabs the right leg but doesn’t work. Good shots to the body from Da Silva, Carlsson retorts with a few kicks but gets caught as Da Silva attempts to wrestle him to the ground.

Rd3- nice right hook from Da Silva to the head of Carlsson, who lands a few kicks to the body. Carlsson starts landing a few punch/kick combos. A few right hooks again from Da Silva to the head, doing some damage. Another leg grab attempt unsuccessful, Carlsson lands a head shot and Da Silva gives back in kind. Da Silva gets on top of Carlsson to land a few blows but Carlsson is quickly backup.

Winner via UD Erick Da Silva

Oktawian Olejniczak VS Cian Cowley


Rd1-  Massive shot from Daniela after he catches Cian on the back foot. Can drops to ground but recovers and take the clinch. Daniel now using his wrestling against the cage to control Cian. Both break and now trading in the middle of cage. Cian has Daniel hurt and now pushing  back.  Can hits Daniel with a knee to the head, which drop Daniel from there he unloads with ground and pound to win Via TKO

Winner via TKO Cian Cowely




Tommy Martin VS Aidan James

Rd1-  not much in first round both men feeling each other out.  James testing with low kicks and Martin testing with his jab.  Martin shots for takedown, James defends. Martin eats a stiff jab to end of round. James 1 up

Rd2- Martin starts 2nd fast and catches James off guard with a stiff jab, but on the take down attempt  Martin gets caught  with a left from James.  Lots of ground work now. Small cut over the eye of Martin. Both men finish the round on the ground. Aidan 2 up

Rd3-  Martin again comes out fast trying to land and shoot for the takedown. James briefly counter only to be pulled down by Martin.  James counters on the ground and and take dominate position.  Aidan James stays in the top position and continually drops on Martin till the ref stops it. 

Winner via TKO in 3rd round Aidan James 


Sam Slater VS Piotr Tokarski

 Rd1- Both come out looking for that first punch.  Both testing and finding their range. Tokarski first to stick with a heavy right that Sam eats. Both move into the clinch. Sam breaks Fromm the clinch and starts to land some clean blows. Tokarski working for single leg with joy am now landing his jab and right hand after taking some early pressure. Sam now trowing combos ending with elbows. Rd 1 Sam

Rd2- More controlled 2nd from Sam,  But again his jabs is landing at while.  Tokarski again tries for the take down but end ups in on bottom with Sam on his back. As both men stand Sam again  lands his elbows.  Tokarski works from the ground to the back of Sam, but Sam is to strong and moves to stand up.  Rd2 Sam

Rd3- Piotr Tokarski needs the sub or something here, he’s two down. Tokarski again looking to his wrestling to help but Sam has control.  Sam has a big take down and lands in full mount. To Piotr Tokarski credit he again finds a way up to his feet. Only to try with his wrestling again, which has not worked as yet.  As Piotr Tokarski again look for single leg he is eating more of Sams elbows.

Winner via UD Sam Slater


Sebastian Kozok V Benjamin Bennett


Rd1-  Not much from both men. See throwing lot of low kicks keeping his distance from the stand up of Bennett. Bennett with the much faster hands is landing on Set. See a brown belt in BJJ is quite happy to stay on the ground till ref stands him up. Again see in on his back from a single leg from Bennett. Round end with Sub ion the ground and docs stop the fight at the end on the round.  Not sure what happened but See is holding his ribs

Winner via Doctors stoppage Benjamin Bennett


Dominic Mc Connell V Chad Hanekom

Rd1- big take down to start the fight from Chad, straight into side control. From the he work for the kimura  and gets the tap.

Winner via sub Chad Hanekom


Glenn Irvine VS Konrad Iwanowski

Rd1- two heavy hitter here. Glenn looking to land that big right hand  but Konrad takes, only to get hit with 3 or 4 more jabs from Glenn.   Great body shots from Glenn keeping Konrad on the back foot.  Big take down from Konrad results in him taking the back and sinking in a tight RNC on Glenn.

Winner via Sub (RNC) Konrad Iwanowski







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