Brave expands roaster to 170 fighters

Brave Combat Federation has completed signing 170 different athlete contracts since its inception. A total of 33 nationalities had been signed under the contract of Brave Combat Federation. The Bahrain based promotion had stated that acquiring top global talent will be among the key agendas set for the year 2018. Georges Bardwil, Karl Amoussou and Bruno Malfacine were among the latest prospects signed by Brave Combat Federation.

The increased number of athletes also diversifies the talent pool alongside facilitating the promotion to organise more events per year. Brave has announced that Bahrain will reachout with new destinations through Brave in 2018. With more athletes signed, there will be an impact on the volume of content, level of competition and number of events that Brave will be delivering in the year.

Brave Combat Federation has also expanded the list of nations to which the promotion is broadcasted during Brave 10 hosted in Jordan with exclusive coverage to Africa through broadcast and online partnerships there by emerging as the single largest media company in Bahrain. The Bahrain based promotion is set to hold the eleventh edition of the event in Belo Horizonte, Brazil on 13 April, 2018.

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