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Albuquerque, NM– Isleta Resort & Casino in association with the Ten-82 Organization present “Brawl On The Bosque” live in the all NEW Isleta Casino Showroom on Saturday, February 9, 2019.

We will see one of the toughest Cops and most courageous Firefighters in New Mexico battle it out in the boxing ring. This event will have six (6) championship bouts and you can find the complete fight card and results below. Refresh the page to keep up with the results or visit us on our Facebook Fan Page by going HERE.

In the main event, Alex Bartra from the Rio Rancho Fire Dept. and has fought in 2 Rumble in Rio fights. He will be taking on Wesley Buster from the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office and has 5 fights in Rumble in Rio. He won both Rumbles. In the co-main event, Felix Ortegon from the NM State Police is coming in the ring with 6 Amateur fights. He will be taking on Gary Sanchez from the Las Cruces Fire Dept. he has 40 Amateur Bouts.

Brawl On The Bosque Fight Card:

(Red) Francisco Alvarado (NM Penitentiary) vs. (Blue) Mark Rael (Metro Detention Center)

They start the fight with both fighters coming out with guns blazing. Both fighters connecting and not giving up. Both fighters are looking to knock one another out and you can tell they are starting to get tired. Francisco looks like the one that had the fight more under control. In the end the Francisco with the unanimous decision.


(Blue) Danny Orejel (Metro Detention Center) vs. (Red) George Valdez (Bernallio County Fire Dept.)

This fight is more of a technical fight. Both fighters were able to stay toe-to-toe with each other. Danny looking like the more experienced fighter but George was able to hold his own. During the second round Danny connected with a straight right that wobbled George. During the last round Danny was just too much for George. The winner of this fight was Danny with the unanimous decision.

(Blue) Jolyn Cruz (Metro Detention Center) vs (Red) Amity Livingston (Bernallio County Sherrif’s Office) 

These females came in looking for the knockout and they gave the fans a show. They both connected with their punches and they didn’t stop. This fight was full of excitement. The judges gave this fight to Amity with the unanimous decision win. Side note, we had a ring boy for this fight.


(Red) Feliz Gonzalez Moreno (Metro Detention Center) vs. (Blue) Ronald Perez (Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office)

In the first round we saw a more technical fight with Ronald being more of the brawler. Feliz was taking these punches to the head like a champ. During the second round Ronald was connecting those punches hurting Feliz staggering him but he did not go down and fired back. Feliz came in to the third round leaving it all in the ring with non stop action this time staggering Ronald which looked like this fight was going to end with Feliz with the win. The fight ended with Ronald defeating Feliz with a unanimous decision.


(Red) Miguel Gaytan (NM State Police) vs. (Blue) Richard Alderete (Rio Rancho Fire Dept.)

They started off quick with Miguel staggering Richard to an eight count, they continued and again Miguel was able to hurt Richard to another eight count and the ref saw enough and stopped the fight. Miguel with the KO win.


(Red) Javier Galvan (Sandoval Conty Fire Dept.) vs. (Blue) Brian Salazar (NM Penitentiary)

Brian and Javier wasted no time, Brian was able to connect with his punches but Javier kept his composure. During the second round we the same with both fighters staggering each other. During the third and final round they kept their distance with not much action. They looked tired and waited until the last seconds of the fight to throw some blows. In the end the judges gave this fight to Brian with a unanimous decision win.


(Red) Benjamin Baker (Attorney General’s Office) vs. (Blue) Jose Salas (Bernalillo County Fire Dept.)

During the first round it was none stop action. Jose came in to finish Benjamin connecting with his punches. Benjamin on the other hand was holding his own. Benjamin with a nice body shot that pushed him to the corner and Benjamin took advantage. They separate and Benjamin kept on with the pressure until the bell rang. In the last and final round Benjamin again with ring control and not letting up on those punches. The winner of this fight was Benjamin with the unanimous decision.

(Red) Jacob Munoz (Independent Paramedic/Nurse) vs. (Blue) Lawerence Samuel (Rio Rancho Police Dept.)

Jacob started this fight quick running to his opponent and connected with a punch that dropped Lawerence. In all three rounds they left it all in the ring and we saw an all out brawl. The winner of this fight goes to Jacob with a unanimous decision win.

(Red) Paul Roseman (Bernalillo County Sherrif’s Dept.) vs. (Blue) Michael Tolzmann (Independent EMT)

This fight started off with both fighters looking to finish this fight quick. It was a non stop round. Paul kept the pressure and had Michael against the ropes. Both fighters look tired and bloodied up. But they kept the pace going giving the fans a show. This fight ended with a split decision with the scores of 30-27 (R), 28-29 (T), 28-29 with the winner going to Michael. 

FIGHT #10 Co-Main
(Red) Will Chavez (Albuquerque Fire Rescue) vs. (Blue) Jared Abieta (Pueblo of Isleta Wildland Open Space)

The pair of scrappers commenced to landing bombs on each other from the first bell. They continued to pressure one another until the bell rang. This was a back and forth fight with Jared hurting Will until the fight was over. They put on a show for the fans but at the end the judges gave this fight to the hometown Jared with a unanimous win.

FIGHT #11 Main Event
(Red) Alex Bartra (Rio Rancho Fire Dept.) vs. (Blue) Wesley Buster (Bernalillo County Sherriff’s Office)

A technical first round for these warriors. Both fighters showed respect for each other knowing what power they both posses. They each connected and kept the pressure going. Alex looking to throw that right hand as he has it ready for Wesley. He never had the chance to as Wesley was able to keep the pressure and throw some jabs. In the last round they looked tired but they kept the fight going with both fighters leaving it all in the ring. This fight ended with a split decision with the scores of 3-27 A, 29-28 W, and the winner of this fight is Alex Bartra.

*Fight Card subject to change without notice


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