Brazilian Actor Caio Castro Impressed by BRAVE CF reach, says “Brazilian People Are Super Excited”

Lucas “Mineiro” Martins is not only one of the most successful Brazilian Mixed Martial Artists, he’s also one with the most distinguished inner circle, having some of the most coveted celebrities in the South American country training under his mentorship. One of these personalities, Brazilian soap opera superstar Caio Castro followed Lucas to Belarus, to be part of his entourage to the then-cancelled main event against Marcel Grabinski. Despite the unfortunate events surrounding Mineiro’s fight, BRAVE CF left a great impression on Castro, as he stated himself.

“It’s not like I was surprised by how big the event is, I knew it. But regardless, when I actually came and experienced it, saw it myself, it was crazy. I feel like part of it. I’m here with Lucas, we’re living it, the day-by-day, we have all these strong feelings going around, it really runs through your blood”, Castro said in a backstage interview held at the Falcon Center in Minsk.

“I can speak for myself, even in my career as an actor we were and are always looking for opportunities”, Castro continued. “And for the fighters, having big events like that, with great fighters in the roster, it gives athletes in Brazil the opportunity to showcase their talent, an aspiration for where they want to be. I can tell you, at least from Brazil’s perspective, that Brazilians are super excited”.

BRAVE CF 51 took place on June 4th, in Minsk, Belarus. After the last-minute cancelation of Lucas Martins vs Marcel Grabinski, after the German fighter’s participation was vetoed by the medical team, the night was headlined by the local hero Denis Maher’s knockout victory over the undefeated Rinat Sagyntay in the second round.


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