Bring The Raging Bull To Your Living Room!

In this week’s edition of the amazing boxing bobbleheads we have displayed to you from our friends at FOCO, we bring you one of the more talented middleweight fighters of the 20th century. Jake LaMotta’s boxing history is quite an unorthodox story to how he created success for himself inside the ring stemming from his criminal sentence in the late 40s, where he then began to pick up an interest for boxing. LaMotta grew up in the slums of the Bronx with his first pro fight occurring in 1941 and earned his first defeat and worldwide recognition shortly after when he defeated the great Sugar Ray Robinson, which was the only fight he was able to win against Robinson in his career. LaMotta retired from professional boxing in 1954 with a total of 83 (30 by knockout), 19 losses, and 4 draws and was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990.

This morning, FOCO has brought you a piece from the famous movie of the life of Jake LaMotta, The Raging Bull, with their brand-new Jake LaMotta Raging Bull Bobblehead. This Jake LaMotta portrays Jake in his white boxing shorts and red boxing shoes wearing his red boxing gloves as he stands on top of several New York City Skyscrapers as the base as this is where the movie Raging Bull took place growing up in the Bronx.

FOCO’s Jake LaMotta Raging Bull Bobblehead retails for $75 available now for preorder as the bobble stands proudly at 8 inches tall with only 124 units available for purchase so be sure to grab yours now by clicking on any one of the links in this article before they are all gone. Like every bobblehead FOCO releases, each one is hand-crafted and painted so that no two pieces look exactly the same creating a diverse and unique look to each and every bobblehead they come out with.

Go grab your Jake LaMotta Raging Bull Bobblehead now before it is sold out and bring a piece of the mid 1900s to your living room and let Jake’s legacy live on forever in the history books!

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