Brok “Chata Tuska” Weaver Wins iKON 6 main event

LOS MOCHIS, Sonora, Mexico – Former UFC fighter Brok “Chata Tuska” Weaver win his iKON Fighting Federation mixed-martial-arts debut in last night’s iKON 6 main event at Polideportivo Centenario in Los Mochis, Sonora, Mexico.

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Weaver, fighting out of McIntosh, Alabama, defeated his Mexican opponent, Alexander “Raptor” Barahona (11-5-0), by way of unanimous decision in the iKON 6 headliner.

In the co-featured event, California middleweight Chris “The Action Man” Curtis (24-8-0) lived up to his nickname in his iKON Fighting Federation debut, using his ground-and-pound game to stop Juan Grano “Tyson” Medina (7-6-1) in round one.

Netherlands strawweight “Fight Queen” Isis Verbeek (2-1-0) won her second straight match, both in iKON competition, by locking in a rear naked choke on previously undefeated Dana Yasiri Garcia (3-0-1) for a win by second-round submission.

Tucson, Arizona welterweight prospect Pete “Dead Game” Rodriguez (3-0-0) has quickly second an iKON and UFC FIGHT PASS favorite. He remained undefeated with a sensational 1-punch knockout of Jose Luis “El Verdugo” Rios (4-2-0) in the first round.

Miami lightweight Elvin Espinoza kicked his way to his pro win number five without a defeat as he knocked out Luis Campa (3-3-0) with a lethal head-kick in the opening round.

Miami bantamweight Claudia Zamora (2-1-0) and Mexican featherweight Abigail Montes (2-0-0) were both winners by way of overpowering ground-and-pound attacks, respectively, in the first and second rounds versus pro-debuting opponents Andrea Vazquez Pantoja (0-1-0) and Terista De Jesus Lopez (0-1-0)


Brok Weaver (16-6-0, iKON: 1-0-0), McIntosh, Alabama, USA
Alexander Bayahona (11-5-0, iKON: 0-20-), Mexico City, Mexico.

Chris Curtis (24-8-0, iKON: 1-0-0), Temedula, California, USA
WTKO1 (Ground & Pound – 4:13)
Juan Grano Medina (7-6-1, iKON: 0-2-0), Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico

Pete Rodriguez (3-0-0, iKON: 3-0-0), Tucson, Arizona, USA
WKO1 (Punch – 0:41)
Jose Luis Rios (3-3-0, iKON: 0-1-0), Mexico City, Mexico

Elvin Espinoza (5-0-0, iKON: 2-0-0), Miami, Florida, USA
WKO1 (Head Kick – 0:19)
Luis Campa (3-3-0, iKON: 0-1-0), Mexico City, Mexico.

Abigail Montes (1-0-0, iKON 1-0-0)), Mexico
WTKO2 (Ground & Pound – 2:15)
Terista De Jesus Lopez (0-1-0, iKON”:0-1-0), Mexico

Claudia Zamora (2-1-0, iKON: 1-0-0), Miami, Florida, USA
WTKO1 (Ground & Pound – 2:21
Andrea Vazquez Pantoja (0-1-0, iKON: 0-1-0), Mexico.

Isis Verbeek (1-1-0, iKON: 1-0-0), Amsterdam, Netherlands lbs.
Dana Yasiri Garcia (3-0-0), Mexico City, Mexico lbs.


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