BTC 13: Power Recap and Results

Welcome to the great white north in St.Catharines, Ontario Canada for BTC 13: Power.

With a stacked card of Canadian prospects, headlined by Canadian women’s MMA veteran Sarah Kaufman. Along with the first round of the 10,000 Bantamweight Tournament. With many hometown fighters on the card, it is sure to be an explosive night of fights.

We started the night off with the flyweights Binaebi Otoro vs Nate Ledger

R1- Both men came out swinging, Otoro got off to the better start with sweeps and kicks (deciding not to follow to the ground surprisingly), as the round finished Ledger missed a spinning back fist and was taken down, despite fence holding.

R2- A Bit more back and forth between both men, with Otoro landing more of the same, leg kicks with sweeps.

R3- In this round, Ledger dropped Otoro within the last ten seconds. But was unable to finish. Winner by unanimous decision Binaebi Otoro 29-28 30-27 29-28.

Next, we move onto the Featherweights Cody Chovancek vs Josh Martiniuk

R1- Cody drops Josh with a leg kick within 30 seconds of the round as the crowd cheered. Also landing a beautiful spinning body kick along with other strikes. Josh did manage to get in some shots as well, Cody does end up landing a takedown and takes control to end round 1.

R2- Both Cody and Josh start the round with strikes until Cody lands a takedown on Josh and ultimately starts landing bombs (punches and elbows) and finishes Martiniuk. Winner by TKO from Niagara Top Team Cody Chovancek.

Match 3: 1st round bantamweight tournament match Albaraa Atmeh vs Seth Connor

R1- Both men come out swinging, Atmeh reverses a takedown attempt by Connor and gets control starts to drop the elbow, and punches finishing Seth with bombs by TKO in the 1st. Winner 1st rd TKO and moving on Albarra Atmeh.

Onto another tournament match up Ariel Zuniga vs Harley King

R1- Early into the fight around 30 seconds in, King takes a low blow that made the crowd cringe, including myself. And at which point in time the ref took a point away from Zuniga (what a way to start this one eh folks). Zuniga and King now start exchanging strikes with King getting in some good ones, King lands a takedown, as they get back to their feet Zuniga has kings back. He pulls him and works into an armbar, but King escapes and gets Zuniga’s back. Back on the feet they begin battling along the cage with both men landing. King lands a takedown, the round ends with strikes landing from both men.

R2- Zuniga starts off landing an uppercut, then is taken down. King takes mount, then back to full guard. After some work, King sinks in a D’Arce choke, but Zuniga fights through it. Only to give up the mount. Back on their feet King lands another takedown, and we get some knees to the body, and some a bit too close for comfort as the round ends.

R3- Started off with strikes, but Zuniga end up with the advantage and won with a standing guillotine choke for the win.

Winner at 1:36 of the 3rd round and moving on Ariel Zuniga. What a tough break for King who was winning that fight.

Now for the final first-round match of the tournament Izzudeen Atmeh vs Nate Small

R1- Both men came out striking, then bam, Atmeh drops Small and grabs him and sinks in a standing guillotine for the win!

Winner at 1:56 of the 1st round and moving on Izzudeen Atmeh. At that folks finishes off the first round of the tournament, which had some explosive moments, to say the least. Congrats to all that moved and a big hand to the other participants. And now for some suspense, we wait and see if we get a Atmeh vs Atmeh match-up. With that win, Niagara top team makes it 3-0 on the night so far.

Next up are the featherweights as we see local hometown fighter Teshay Gouthro move up a weight class as he takes on Kristian Bouchard. And what a road it’s been for Gouthro, as he has had 3 different opponents named in 2 weight classes.

The crowd was loud for their hometown fighter, as can be heard in his entrance tonight, gotta love this sport folks. The support for local fighters is amazing.

Teshay Gouthro vs Kristian Bouchard

R1- The fight starts with a bit of an exchange between both men, then Gouthro lands a takedown. He begins some ground and pound and continues a very dominant onslaught as Bouchard barely survives the round.

R2- Teshay takes down Bouchard and begins to ground and pound. He manages to cut open his opponent. He takes his back continuing the relentless attack. many fans expected the stoppage. But Bouchard survived (kuddos)

Many correspondents were shocked it was allowed to keep going

R3- A touch of gloves to begin the round, Gouthro starts it off with a superman punch which rocks Bouchard. Gouthro then follows up with punches and knees finishing off Bouchard.

Winner by TKO at 36 seconds of the 3rd round Teshay Gouthro. The fans are ecstatic over Gouthros win. With that win, Niagara top team makes it 3 -0 on the night so far. The fans are ecstatic over Gouthros win

Now onto the flyweights as we see Gabe Sagman vs Matt Dawson

R1- Both men come out, and Sagman gets dropped quickly, then takes down Dawson. Later Dawson cuts Sagmane blood starts coming from Sagman. We get a bit of back and forth grappling with some sub attempts, back on the feet Sagman lands another takedown but Dawson is landing more.

R2- Sagman starts off with a punch takedown, we get some ground and pound. Dawson still fighting off his back. Sagman works to mount then goes back to half guard. At this point, it became a bit of a stalemate for the remainder of the round.

R3- We start off with some striking… and then back to the ground we go, folks. Sagman laying and holding down Dawson. Not much action as fans starts chanting “stand them up.” The fight ends with one last takedown.

Winner by unanimous decision 30-27 29-28 x2 Gabe Sagman.

Co main event
Xavier Spartacus Nash vs Thomas Glot

R1- Both start off exchanging strikes, after a back and forth with some good shots by both men. Nash gets a takedown, and the round ends with Nash controlling Glot.

R2- Xavier gets a takedown and begins some striking with ground and pound. Back on their feet, Nash continues controlling along the cage. They begin exchanging strikes once again. Glory is looking for the big shot.

R3- Both men connect early with stuff shots. Xavier gets another takedown, but Glot bounces up. Xavier and Glot then grapple a bit on the feet with some clinch striking. Before Xavier lands, one final takedown to seal the deal with the win.

Winner by unanimous decision 30-27 29-28 2× Xavier Spartacus Nash

And with that win, Niagara Top Team moves to 4-0 on the night sweeping their opponents and showing their dominance.

And now for the main event, we will see Womens MMA veteran Sarah Kaufman take on Jessie Miele

Miele walks out to a crowd of boos as the Canadian fans anticipate Kaufmans entrance. Out next Kaufman comes out to a roar of the crowd as she makes her way toward the cage in front of her home country. She looks, ready folks.

R1- We get a tiny exchange to start between the fighters, as it then moves to the cage for some action. Kaufman then drops Miele, grabs her back, and eventually finishes her off with some ground and pound. As the fans cheer on Kaufman, Miele does not look happy talking to the ref.

Winner by TKO at 3:56 of the 1st round Sarah Kaufman.

With that folks, BTC 13 – Power comes to a close. This event was full of action and was fun to watch as a spectator. The fans really enjoyed it and I hope to see BTC back here again in Niagara. Congrats to all the winners and a big hand to all the Staff, fighters, and Coaches on a great job tonight.


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