Cage Warriors 92 from London, England – Live results

CW92: ‘SUPER SATURDAY’ goes down at the o2 London tonight. A card that is stacked with the best of European MMA, that would rival a UFC PPV card .  Tonight we have two main cards, in the first main card we have Karl Moore looking to become the 2nd Irish 2 weight world champion as he take on current heavy weight champ Mauro Cerilli. We also have a Vacant Flyweight title on the line with Sam Creasey taking on Nathan Greyson. In the second main event of the night, Nathaniel Wood looks to defend his belt for 2nd time at home but also Jack Shore a young Welsh man that most certainly will be in the UFC in a number of months.

Keep an eye out for the streams to both the Prelims & Main card 1


Main card 2 – 9pm start 

Nathaniel Wood (134.4 lbs) vs Luca Iovine (134.4 lbs) (Bantamweight Title)

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winner via KO and still Cage warriors Bantamweight champ Nathaniel Wood 

Craig White (169.4 lbs) vs. Alex Montagnani (169.6 lbs)

Winner via Triangle Round is Craig White

Jack Shore (135.5 lbs) vs Vaughan Lee (135.4 lbs)

Winner via unanimous decision and still unbeaten Jack Shore 

Corrin Eaton (145.8 lbs) vs. Dean Trueman (145.4 lbs)

Dean Trueman Winner via unanimous decision

Swing bout

Cameron Else (145.7 lbs) vs Thomas Terdjman (144.1 lbs)

Winner via RNC Cameron Else round 1 

Main card 1 – 6pm start 

Mauro Cerilli (247.7 lbs) vs Karl Moore (233.9 lbs) (Heavyweight Title)

Winner via Mauro Cerilli Round 1 :4:50 and still cage Warriors Heavyweight Title

Sam Creasey (124.8 lbs) vs Nathan Greyson (124.9 lbs) (Vacant Flyweight Title)

Nathan Greyson Winner vis TKO Round 3, 4:30 and new Flyweight Champ

Jamie Richardson (168.8 lbs) vs Sam Boult (170.6 lbs)

Sam Boult via unanimous decision

Mehrdad Janzemini (169.2 lbs) vs. Brad Wheeler (170.3 lbs)

Mehrdad Janzemini winner via TKO Round 1, 4:30

Pro Prelims – 4.30pm start 

Aiden Lee (146 lbs) vs Tom Mearns (144.9 lbs)

Aiden Lee def. Tom Mearns via unanimous decision

Pelu Adetola (203.4 lbs) vs. Modestas Bukauskas (203 lbs)

Modestas Bukauskas winner via submission (rear-naked choke) at Round 1, 4:10

James Webb (184.9 lbs) vs Marcin Prostko (185.3 lbs)

James Webb winner  via submission (rear-naked choke) at Round 1, 4:59

Salih Kulucan (134.5 lbs) vs. Darren O’Gorman (133.4 lbs)

Darren O’Gorman Winner via Inverted triangle 4:59 secs Round 1 


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