Caged Steel 25 fighter Qendrim “The King” Pallata: “This fight ends in Round 2 by KO”

ENGLAND: Caged Steel 25 will take place on Saturday, August 22, 2020 in Doncaster, England. The UK promotion will be showcasing an amazing night of fights with all the glitz and glam, great music, and thrilling fights under The Dome in Doncaster.

Fight fans will see a Caged Steel Amateur Light Heavyweight Interim Title as Qendrim “The King” Pallata (7-2) fighting out of England training at Ludus Magnus will take on Ryan Creane (3-2) fighting out of England training at Lockdown. FightBook MMA had the opportunity to talk to Kai and this is what he had to say.

FBMMA: Qendrim thank you for the opportunity to talk to you about your upcoming fight with Ryan Creane. Before we start, can you tell the FightBook MMA fans a bit about yourself.

Qendrim: First off all I would like to say Thank you for taking your time to ask me these questions, I am Qendrim Pallata I am 26 years old and I live in Barnsley originally from Albania but moved to the UK when I was 2 years old.

FBMMA: I like asking this question to all my fighter interviews, how did you get into the sport of MMA?

Qendrim: How did I get into MMA good question. I got into MMA by fighting at school a lot and on the streets in my younger days and one day I fought outside my school and this man approached me after I fought at my school gates saying if I train anything? I answered no and he invited me to his gym. He was known as (Tengiz) use to be number 1 heavyweight in the UK. Got my arsed kicked first ever session.

FBMMA: The last time you fought for Caged Steel was back in 2018 and you lost that fight. What did you learn form that fight and what adjustments did you make to get you prepared for this title fight?

Qendrim: Last time I fought was Jack Comby who I lost too by points. I learned a lot from that fight, I was too relaxed in the fight and learned my lesson not to be too relaxed. Won’t happen again.

FBMMA: Your fighting for the Caged Steel Amateur Light Heavyweight Interim Title, what does winning this belt mean to you?

Qendrim: It will mean a lot to me winning the belt I will be the champion on 22nd August.

FBMMA: I know that most Ammy’s that win a belt turn pro right away, is this your plan or do want to defend the belt first?

Qendrim: This will be my second chance for fighting for the light heavy weight title, this means a lot to me as the first fight with Jack Comby was very close.

FBMMA: You’re taking a tough opponent in Ryan, without giving out too much away, whats the game plan and how do you see this fight ending?

Qendrim: When I win my fight against Ryan I want to fight Jack Comby it only makes sense to fight him! When I smash both of them then hopefully I’ll turn pro! I respect Ryan and wish him all the best in the training camp but there is levels to this game and you need more than a right kick to beat me, I see this fight being a good fight but it ends in round 2 by KO.

FBMMA: Qendrim thanks for the opportunity to talk to you. Any sponsors or anyone you’d like to shoutout and also where they can find you on social media the floor is yours.

Qendrim: I would like to take this moment and say a big thank you to my sponsor Marcus who will be helping me with my food prep and getting me in the best shape of my life. Also would like to thank you all my coaches – Neil wayne – Ian jones – John pop – and all the Ludus training partners. We are team Pallata and we are ready to smash all these light heavy weights! First we start off with Ryan!

Fightbook MMA – Caged Steel

Thank you for following our link and supporting FightBook MMA, to watch Caged Steel. Join us as we have our night out at Caged Steel 25, this August 22 in Doncaster. This is a great UK promotion that will be showcasing an amazing night out for you.

Caged Steel 25 Fight Card (so far):

  • Musa Christian (7-1) vs. Mujjy Ahmed (4-0)
  • Jay Metcalf (1-1) vs. Ibragim Ibragimov (2-0)
  • Qendrim “The King” Pallata (7-2) vs. Ryan Creane (3-2)


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