Caged Steel 25 Fighter Ryan Creane: “The more he underestimates me the better”

ENGLAND: Caged Steel 25 will take place on Saturday, August 22, 2020 in Doncaster, England. The UK promotion will be showcasing an amazing night of fights with all the glitz and glam, great music, and thrilling fights under The Dome in Doncaster.

Fight fans will see a Caged Steel Amateur Light Heavyweight Interim Title as Ryan Creane (3-2) fighting out of England training at Lockdown will face Qendrim “The King” Pallata (7-2) fighting out of England training at Ludus Magnus will take on. FightBook MMA had the opportunity to talk to Ryan and this is what he had to say.

FBMMA: Ryan thank you for the opportunity to talk to you about your upcoming fight with Qendrim Pallata . Before we start, can you tell the FightBook MMA fans a bit about yourself.

Ryan: First of all thanks for the opportunity , Ryan Creane from Lincoln , fighting out of lockdown MMA were I am also one of the coaches.

FBMMA: How did you find the sport of MMA?

Ryan: Well I watched it a lot on television when I was younger and decided to give it a go took a good year of getting battered all the time until things started working.

FBMMA: Your fighting for the Caged Steel Amateur Light Heavyweight Interim Title, what will it mean for you to win this belt?

Ryan: Well obviously I already hold the middleweight title so it will be double joy for me (laughs).

FBMMA: IF you win this belt, you planning on defending it or turn pro?

Ryan: When I get the LHW belt I’ll probably go back down to middleweight to be honest I’ve a lot going on in my life at the moment. With work and a young family and other things and with this pandemic going on it has not made things any easier so when we was offered the fight at 93kg it just made sense no strict strict diet just to eat healthy. Train hard and have a fight at the end of it so it made sense.

FBMMA: When you do turn pro, what promotion would you like to fight for and why?

Ryan: If I had to choose one in this country I would have to see Cage Warriors I’ve seen one of my training partners (Madars Fleminas) fighting on it a few times now and they are always fantastic shows.

FBMMA: You’re taking a tough opponent in Qendrim, without giving out too much away, whats the game plan and how do you see this fight ending?

Ryan: Listen he’s a tough lad and I always respect my opponents I’ve seen that he doesn’t think that I will be much of a test for him keeping thinking that mate the more he underestimates me the better. Trust me on the night “The King” will not reign!

FBMMA: How’s training been during this COVID-19 pandemic?

Ryan: Trainings been ok its just not the same when you can’t spar, wrestle or hit pads, not a lot else interests me to be honest.

FBMMA: Ryan thanks for the opportunity to talk to you. Any sponsors or anyone you’d like to shoutout and also where they can find you on social media the floor is yours.

Ryan: Big thanks to Lockdown MMA head coach (glen wright), Craig Barton PT, Dowling Cilil engineering, New image gym, and Health is wealth CBD, Newells projects.

Fightbook MMA – Caged Steel

Thank you for following our link and supporting FightBook MMA, to watch Caged Steel. Join us as we have our night out at Caged Steel 25, this August 22 in Doncaster. This is a great UK promotion that will be showcasing an amazing night out for you.

Caged Steel 25 Fight Card (so far):

  • Musa Christian (7-1) vs. Mujjy Ahmed (4-0)
  • Jay Metcalf (1-1) vs. Ibragim Ibragimov (2-0)
  • Qendrim “The King” Pallata (7-2) vs. Ryan Creane (3-2)


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