Caged Steel Presents: ‘Gladiator’

Doncaster: Caged Steel ‘Gladiator’ series will be a tournament/league series fought over three fights with four professional fighters.

Points will be awarded for wins, draws, and bonus points for KO/ Submissions. Each fighter will receive a fight purse of £5000 for the three fights, with the overall points winner also receiving an additional £10,000 bonus.

To apply for this epic tournament/league, you go here. After athletes have entered, Caged Steel will review all submissions and a weight class will be selected. If successful, the fighters will be contacted directly and will be taken through the interview stage.

FightBook MMA CEO Roberto Villa reached out to CEO of Caged Steel Dominic Gibbs to get his thoughts on this.

Roberto: How excited are you about this tournament/league, and what does this mean for future events for Caged Steel and for the fighters?

Dominic: “I have been thinking about this series for a long time. I wanted to make it something worthwhile to the fighters and therefore bring the top prospects to Caged Steel. I am really excited to launch this. We will test with this series and see where we go from there.”

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