Canelo Álvarez vs Billy Joe Saunders off due to ring size

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez (55-1-3) was gong to take on Hertfordshire’s Billy Joe Saunders (30-0-0) AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on Saturday, May 8th. The fight is off due to a disagreement over the size of the ring for after Canelo refused to allow them to have a 22-foot ring.

The maximum size for a ring is 20-foot and it’s unknown why Saunders is trying to get a 22-foot ring. Saunders has been unhappy with the size of the ring for Saturday night’s super-middleweight unification clash. Billy can forget about his big purse for the fight which is rumored to be $7 million.

They were gong to fight for the vacant WBC and WBA super-middleweight titles, currently held by Canelo. Canelo is a four-division world champion has already defeated six English fighters and has only lost once against Floyd Mayweather Jr in 2013. Billy Joe Saunders has less matches under his belt, but has been in 5 title fights and is currently undefeated.

“I can’t say they are coming face-to-face. The issue with the ring has still not been sorted. There is nothing in the contract about ring size, it is all negotiations and the negotiations have broken down big time,” Tom Saunders revealed to IFL TV about Billy Joe’s fight against Alvarez. “Basically, Canelo has put an 18-foot ring which I think is an amateur ring, that’s the fight ring. His plan was to put an 18-foot ring because Canelo Alvarez knew we were gonna start, and he said a 20-foot ring that’s it. His game plan was to put a 20-foot ring, we wanted a 24-foot ring, we came down to a 22-foot ring, but basically what they are trying to do is take Billy Joe’s legs away. We are up against everything here, everything.

“At the end of the day, I’m not going to let my son box in a 20-foot ring against supposed to be the pound-for-pound king of boxing,” Saunders continued. “We are up against everything here and we spoke to them this morning and they said it’s either 20-feet or book your flights home. Unfortunately, people, we apologize to all the fans, British, American, and around the world. I just can’t let my son box in a 20-foot ring against Canelo Alvarez on Cinco de Mayo weekend. We have given in to a lot of stuff here but this we can just not give into. They are trying to take his legs away, the fight would not be fair.”

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