The NP FIGHT Brazilian event took place this past Saturday (07/09) in Goiânia, Goiás State, with a diversified card that pleased the public present. Within the cage the attractions were MMA, Muay Thai and NO-Gi.

In the main fight of the event, Elismar Carrasco defended his belt for the third time, this time against Pará Luiz Eduardo “Balotelli”, who at 2’08 ‘of the 1st round, succumbed to the champion who won the fight by TKO.

The fight between Jeff Santos and Rafão Celestino was one of those battles that martial arts fans will long remember.

In co-main fight, they entered the cage, by unifying the title up to 84kg. What everyone expected happened. The fighters gave a show of strength, endurance and spirit competed during the three rounds played.

In the end, the decision was left to the judges, who unanimously decided that Rafão won the unification clash.

Jefferson “Monge” made his last fight before retiring as a competitor, the then owner of the organization’s 76-pound Muay Thai belt, defended his title against Hebert “Saci.” The fight ended at the 0’41 “of the 2nd round when” Monge “after a straight blow could no longer continue, so by withdrawal Hebert” Saci “was declared the winner.

Another fight highlighted at the event was the women’s dispute, in the NO-GI modality, between Andressa “Tratorzinho” and Vitória Silva. In the duel, Vitória Silva submitted to the opponent in the 2’06 ” of the 2nd round with a triangle.

In addition to fights with experienced athletes, the event brought names that stepped into the professional octagon for the first time. Among them, José Vinícius “Monstrinho”, athlete from a social project in the city of Bom Jesus De Goiás, located in southwest Goiás, who participated in the amateur league of the organization 5 times. José Vinícius made his debut as a professional athlete against fellow debutant Kesley “Polegar”, another outstanding athlete in the amateur category.

“Monstrinho” debuted on the right foot, won by TKO, 1’08 ” of the 2nd round.



Elismar “Carrasco” defeated Luiz Eduardo “Balotelli” by TKO at 2’08 ”

Rafael Celestino “Rafão” defeated Jeff Santos by unanimous decision of the side judges

Hebert “Saci” defeated Jefferson “Monge” for resignation on 2nd round 0’41 ‘(Muay Thai)

Cristian “Maranhão” defeated Alan Silva for medical intervention on 4th round 4’03 ”

Paulinho “CJ” defeated Rafael José by TKO 2’19 ‘in the first round


Vitoria Silva defeated Andressa “Tratorzinho” by submission (Triangle Chocke) at 2’06 ” of round 2 (NO-GI)

Wesley Venute defeated Marcos “Ninja” by TKO at 2’15”of round 2 (Muay Thai)

Inglesson Lara defeated Lucas “Barrão” by TKO 3’18”of round 1

Mezaque Moreno defeated Aristides “Monstrão” by submission (Armbar) at 2’49 ” of round 2

 Caio Siqueira defeated Wanderson Ferreira by submission (Triangle Chocke) at the 3’27 ‘´ round 1

José Vinícius “Monstrinho” defeated Kesley “Polegar” by TKO at 1 “08”of round 2

Itamar Dias defeated Marlon “Bob” by TKO at 2’46”of round 1

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