CBD And Sports Injury: All You Need To Know

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Competitive sports and its glory come with a lot of commitment from the athletes.

When the sports persons are involved in adrenaline-rushing physical encounters, occasional injuries take place, which bears a heavy blow on their sporting career.

Even when minor injuries happen to athletes, it may not be feasible for them to abide by the time-consuming usual recovery method.

In such a circumstance, non-conventional medications that speed up the healing process for injured athletes become a viable option to ponder on.

CBD is one such alternative that has a serious potential to treat sports injuries with its various beneficial properties.

Basic facts about CBD

CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid of the Cannabis Sativa species. Medically and industrially used CBD is mostly sourced from the Hemp strain of Cannabis.

CBD is fully non-psychoactive, implying that it will not make you ‘high.’ Studies suggest that CBD can manage pain and inflammation and can also aid in the process of physical recovery.

In this article, we are going to see how CBD helps with sports injuries.

●     CBD helps in regulating pain and inflammation

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A common annoyance that comes from every little injury is pain and soreness.

For sportspersons, the trouble increases because they get injured in the middle of a game and have to continue before they receive some relief.

CBD is well-known for its effectiveness in treating various sorts of pain, inflammation, and related neuropathic issues. CBD can take care of both neuropathic and nociceptive pain as well.

While you can always take CBD oil for pain relief, another alternative to oil is CBD cream for pain that you can apply on the affected muscles to get an immediate soothing effect. Using CBD capsules is also one way to get your CBD dosage. Check out Eagle Moon Hemp for all your CBD wholesale needs!

●     CBD helps you to sleep well

Body aches, muscle strains, and energy drainage are common occurrences for sportspersons.

No matter if it’s a significant fracture or everyday wear and tear that your body goes through, proper rest is needed to make your body heal faster.

Other than its usual healing properties, CBD also helps you to have an excellent sleep.

Adequate sleep aids in muscle growth and restoration enhances hormonal balance and lessens stress from the body.

It is vital to note that the relaxing effect of CBD improves a lot when taken in combination with another famous cannabinoid, THC. Thanks to the entourage effect, both of them create together.

●     CBD improves nutrition

For enhanced body-fitness and recovery, nutritious food is an essential factor. This is the reason why sportspeople are so picky with their diet.

To have a lean and strong body, a sportsperson needs a regular intake of all the necessary nutrients like protein, carb, calcium, etc.

Not only is CBD rich, but it also lets you use it in a variety of forms such as CBD edibles, oil, tinctures, capsules, etc.

Additionally, CBD assists in maintaining proper metabolism and appetite. The soothing influence of CBD ensures that you can calmly absorb your regular foods as well.

You can grow your hemp plants and get the purest form of this nutrition. Get your hands on grow-supplies from trusted seed companies available out there.

●     CBD can alleviate the post-workout muscle soreness

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While athletes do get serious injuries, they also suffer regular muscle strains and muscle tissues break down in their day-to-day training.

When you go through muscle tissues break down, your body also engages in an inflammatory process to replenish the loss.

This situation is essential for the growth of your body, but it makes the muscles sore and numb for some time.

CBD is an exceptional substance for post-workout fatigue reduction and muscle recovery.

CBD interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system to monitor your brain’s response to any pain and inflammation. Its relaxing effect also expedites muscle tissue restoration.

●     CBD can combat drug-dependence and addiction

Sportspersons can’t wait for lengthy recovery periods when they get injured.

To have an accelerated response, they often take recourse to over-the-counter-medications and potent pain-relieving opioids like codeine and morphine.

Hemp-derived CBD is free of side-effects. Besides taking care of the injuries, CBD can also enhance the effectiveness of pain-relieving opioids.

Moreover, a regular intake of CBD prevents athletes from going back to their addiction habits.

The instant response of CBD helps in reducing the need for taking up extreme therapies, as CBD helps to cope with pain as and when you need it.

The legal aspect

If you are a sportsperson and wish to try CBD for your injury woes, you must be thinking about the legal admissibility of CBD since it comes from Cannabis.

In 2018, WADA or World Anti-Doping Agency withdrew CBD from its list of banned substances. The USADA or United States Anti-Doping Agency also replicated the step.

However, you should note that the relaxation applies only to CBD and not to other psychoactive elements of Cannabis.

CBD dosage for sportspersons

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CBD dosage depends on your age, tolerance level, and severity of your injury.

Among various CBD extraction methods, full-spectrum CBD is the most powerful and requires the least amount of dose.

Also, remember that different CBD products have different concentrations of CBD. Raw CBD oil works much faster than edibles or drinks.

For beginners, a daily CBD dose of 10 mg/day will be adequate. You can always increase the dose if you feel comfortable.

Final words on the utility of CBD in sports injuries

While injuries are inevitable in the arena of competitive sports, suffering from them is avoidable.

CBD’s excellent health benefits and it’s easy accessibility not only make it a potential remedy for sports injuries but also make it an effective medication for the overall health of sportspersons.

Besides looking after physical issues, CBD can also make you calm down, which helps you to cope better with untoward accidents in sports.

Just obtain your CBD product from a trusted source and consult a medical expert, if you feel any discomfort.


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