CES 53 star Kris Moutinho: “I Wanna Be The Best To Ever Do It!”

After getting back to his winning ways in his most recent trip to the CES cage, Kris Moutinho returns to action at CES 53 on Nov. 2 in Lincoln, R.I., LIVE on AXS TV Fights. Before that, the dynamic Massachusetts prospect checked in with FightBookMMA.

How has training camp been so far?

I haven’t really taken much time off. I took a couple of weeks off then I was back training before I even had this fight booked. I’ve been going, I’m just ready to get this fight on.

What did you take away from your last fight?

A couple of bruises. I got some of that old me back. I saw how in a tough situation I can push through. I learned that I’ve got heart and I should never quit in a fight. It’s going to be me showing that I deserve to get what I want.

Do you know much about your opponent?

No, not much. I’ve looked up a little bit. He’s from the same camp as the last guy I fought. He’s got a decent record with a lot of finishes but none of the guys he beat have great records. He’s more of a wrestler or grappler, so it’s going to be good. I’m going to show off my wrestling again, show I can stop takedowns, and put some fists in his face.

What’s the most likely outcome of this fight?

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I’m looking for that finish every fight. It doesn’t matter how I finish, whether I get it or not. I just look for the finish to make an exciting fight and leave some blood in that cage.

Where do you want to be in twelve months?

Where everybody else in this sport wants to be, man. I want to be in the UFC. I want to be holding a belt. I want so much in the sport that goes beyond the UFC. I want to show everyone that I’m one of the best to ever do this. That’s my goal every time I go out there. I’m twenty-six, I’m still young. I’ve got a lot to learn and a lot to prove, so I’m just going to keep pushing.


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