CES NY’s Walter Smith-Cotito: “I’m Coming For The Kill!”

Before Walter Smith-Cotito makes his CES MMA debut at CES New York on May 4 in Westbury, N.Y., the dynamic Bellator vet checked in with FightBookMMA.

How did you find MMA in the first place?

Before I came to the United States from Peru, I moved to Japan – my mother is half-Japanese. That’s where I started doing judo and jiujitsu. I really stuck with jiujitsu and eventually I jumped into kickboxing. I did Chute Boxe in Japan and participated in a tournament. T’s only striking while you’re on your feet, but once you’re on the ground, it’s submission. I won one of the tournaments and after that you have to do two more fights before you go pro. I wasn’t able to finish. I met my wife and came to the United States and I started training here. I found a really small gym in my wife’s hometown and I started my amateur career here.

How excited are you for this upcoming fight in New York?

I’m really excited because I feel like I have a lot to prove to everyone. I don’t think my record represents where I am or who I am. I want to prove to everyone that I’m much better in the cage than they think I am.

What should fans expect from your next fight?

I think they expect a lot out of me. I have never been able to show them what they’ve been expecting. I’ve been doing really well in the gym and I feel that will show in the cage. I want to prove to myself and my fans that I’m a new Walter. I’m coming back more mature and of course I don’t want to leave this fight to the judges. I’m coming for the kill, man. I don’t know too much about this guy. He supposedly robbed a bank, but that’s the only information I know.

How do you want to win this one?

How I finish the fight doesn’t matter to me. I’ve really got to keep on my feet. I feel like I’m better than this guy in every way. Everybody knows me and my jiujitsu and if he wants to go to the ground, I will prove that I can submit him. If not, I’ll try to finish on top. It’s not a problem to me.

Where would you like to be one year from today?

I’d like to fight in the big shows, but my goal is really just to have four straight wins between now and then. I think that’s what it’d take to get into one of the big promotions – UFC or Bellator.

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