CFC 10 fighter Claudiu Maniu plans to bring home the belt on June 26

Clarksville, Tennessee: Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships 10 will take place on Saturday, June 26, 2021, at Appleton Harley-Davidson in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Claudiu Maniu is fighting for the CFC middleweight title on June 26th at CFC 10 in Clarksville Tennessee. Maniu is coming off a very impressive performance against the very experienced Ryan Driskill at CFC 9. FightBook MMA CEO Roberto Villa sat down with Claudiu to talk about his upcoming title fight and you check out the conversation below.

FBMMA: Claudiu thank you for talking with us while you’re in the middle of your fight camp for CFC 10. How has training been going this time and have you made any changes since you prepared for your last fight?

Claudiu: It’s always a pleasure! Training has been going well, no injuries no hiccups along the way , so I can’t ask for more. As far as different, still grinding out, added a few more coaches that are all amazing. D.j. Miller from Fight Force, Langston and Jason Matherly from academy and got a couple of new guys that I’m working with as well as some new wrestlers and strikers. I mean it is MMA so the more versatile the better right?

FBMMA: You last fought possibly the most experienced fighter in all the southern region in Ryan Driskill. Can you walk us through that fight and how it unfolded through your eyes?

Claudiu: Eh, that fight was short lived Ryan is a tough guy with a lot of heart, everybody said don’t take him to the ground, I did just that and dominated. I let him up and then when I went for the second takedown off the cage he tried to resist it and I just overpowered him and he snapped the ligaments in his right knee. Sucks to happen to a good dude, but hey we all signed a waiver (laughs).

FBMMA: What do you see as your biggest strengths inside the cage?

Claudiu: I think my biggest strengths would be versatility and gameness. I can stand up, wrestle, fight off my back on the cage. Wherever you wanna take it I can go there and excel. As far as gameness, I just love this man, I was built for this. I’m a gladiator and I’m here to entertain!

FBMMA: On June 26th you fight for the CFC middleweight championship against CFC veteran Riley Hanner. Have you got to watch any of Hanner’s previous fights and if so what do you think of his style and skill set inside the cage?

Claudiu: Of course I’ve done my homework and my coaches have done their homework. I think he isn’t gonna want to stand with me, but if we go to the ground he’s gonna find out pretty fast that he made a mistake anywhere it goes it’s bad news.

FBMMA: What is your prediction for June 26th? How do you see your fight playing out that night?

Claudiu: I’m bringing home the belt baby! My pants are getting kind of loose from this weight cut I need a new belt.

FBMMA: We wish you all the luck in the world as you go after the CFC middleweight championship on June 26th! Claudiu is there anybody you would like to thank or give a shout out to before we go?

Claudiu: I’d like to thank all my coaches and teammates but most importantly my family who support me through all of this! Also the CFC for the opportunity to fight on such a dope promotion! June 26th, we BITE DOWN AND BANG!!


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