CFC 5 fighter Isaac Morris sends a message to his opponent: “Good luck with the weight cut. See ya later Alex”

Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships (CFC) 5 will take place on Saturday October 20, 2018 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee at the Mid TN Expo Center. Event doors will open at 630 p.m. and fights will start at 730 pm.

One of the fighters on the card is Isaac Morris fighting out of Clarksville Tennessee training under Lance Boyd at Harris Holt Martial Arts Academy. Isaac’s training partner is with professional MMA fighter Jacob Kilburn. Kilburn just fought on the contender show in vegas for Dana White. Isaac made his debut at CFC 1 and had a first round victory over Branon Phillips with a rear naked choke. Isaac came back at CFC 2 and took on the submission Specialist Jaysen Baker. Isaac came up short in that fight and stepped away from competition for awhile to regroup. Now he is back and dropping a weight class for his title fight at Bantamweight at CFC 5 against Alex Traughber.

Before Isaac steps in the cage and fights for the Bantamweight title, he sat down and talked to Roberto Villa CEO of FightBookMMA.

Isaac hows it going? Thank you for your time. Before we start the interview can you tell the fans out there something they don’t know about yourself.

Go titans!!!

I like asking this question to everyone I talked to. Why MMA?

A fight is one of those moments where, you are completely honest with yourself. And nothing better than learning about yourself and having some fun doing it.

Isaac you train in Clarksville Tennessee under Lance Boyd. What is it like to train under lance and with teammate Jacob Kilburn?

It’s is awesome.

Your first fight was at CFC 1 against Branon Phillips. Can you walk us through that fight?

It was my first MMA fight. It went to the ground and I got the rear naked choke.

First MMA fight right on. After coming off the success of your first fight you were matched against Jaysen Baker in the CFC. Walk us through that fight?

It went to the ground and he got the rear naked choke.

We heard you took some time away from competition following the Baker fight. What were you doing during that time?

Enjoying life and getting better.

We see that you moving down a weight class from featherweight to Bantamweight, what are your reasons for that?

I have always felt bantamweight is my natural weight class.

You are fighting an explosive fighter in Alex Traughber for the belt, have you watched his 2 fights in the CFC against Tommy Scrivner and Aaron Kim?

I saw the last fight against Aaron.

How do you see your fight with Alex going?

My hand getting raised.

Anything you want to say to Alex before the bells rings in the cage?

Jope training is going well. And good luck with the weight cut. See ya later Alex!

Isaac thanks again for taking time away out of your busy schedule. Any sponsors or anyone you want to shout out the floor is yours.

Shout out to God, my family, friends, and my fans 😀

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