CFC 7 fighter George Pieratt: “Marty Mitchell isn’t coming out a winner”

MMA Vet Jonathan Ivey is back at it again as he will be hosting Cage Fighting Championships (CFC) 7. This event is taking place on October 12th in Murfreesboro Tennessee. We will see a stacked card including 4 CFC title fights.

FightBook MMA had the opportunity to sit down and talk to George Pieratt. He made his debut in MMA fighting at CFC 6 back in April of this year. He won by Judges Decision over debuting fighter Zack Lozano that night, and now at CFC 7 on October 12th he returns to take on another debuting fighter in Martavious Mitchell. Check out what he had to say below.

George it’s great to get to talk with you! We are about 2 weeks out from your fight October 12th. How are you feeling and how has training been going for you in preparation for this fight?

I’m feeling great, training couldn’t have been better. My team and I are prepared for wherever the fight goes.

You train with some savages! We have interviewed some of them here at Fightbook MMA. The list is crazy really… Alexander Schenk, Isaac Morris, Nic Phillips, James Hairston, and a lot of others. How do you stack up in that training room with so many great athletes, we are guessing they push you to be at your best every training session?

I’m one of those savages and we push each other. If my teammate was not the champion there’s no doubt I would be the champion so I believe I stack up as one of the best fighters at Harris Holt.

At CFC 6 you fought Zack Lozano and you ended up winning a judge’s decision against Lozano. You both are fighting on this CFC 7 card, do you think you’ll end up rooting for him to win his fight or are you going to side against him again this time?

Zack Lozano was my most difficult opponent and of course I’ll be rooting for him but I have no doubt Zack is going to win October 12th.

At CFC 7 you’ll be facing Martavious Mitchell.  There isn’t much known about Mitchell right now with him making his debut into the sport of MMA against you October 12th. What do you know about him if anything, and how do you see the fight going between you guys?

Who? Oh you mean Marty? Yea I don’t know much about him but I respect him for taking this fight but Marty Mitchell isn’t coming out a winner.

George here is your chance to thank or give a shout out to anybody you like. The floor is yours and best of luck to you October 12th!

Just my entire team at Harris Holt and my fans and family coming out to see me win the Interim Featherweight Championship against Marty Mitchell October 12th. I’d also like to wish my teammate, cornerman, and brother Jacob Kilburn who has a important fight October 10th the best of luck!

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