CFC 8 George Pieratt is prepared wherever the fight goes against Bo Williams

Murfreesboro, Tennessee: Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships is starting 2020 with HUGE BANG! The promotion is ready and will be hosting CFC 8. The event will take place on March 7th in Murfreesboro Tennessee at the MID TEN EXPO.

In this night of action we have George Pieratt who flashed onto the MMA scene last year, first defeating ground specialist Zack Lozano and then defeating boxing specialist Martavious Mitchell.

George Pieratt is currently undefeated and ranked #4 in the CFC featherweight division. March 7th he enters the cage to take on his toughest opponent yet CFC #2 ranked featherweight Bo Williams. But before he steps into the Cage he sat down with FightBook MMA to talk about his fight with Bo.

George you have a big fight coming up March 7th, with the premier organization in Tennessee the CFC. We appreciate you taking to time to talk with us before your big fight. How has training been going with your team for this one? We know you train with several fighters ranked highly in the CFC.

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Training is going great this is actually the easiest fight to prepare for but I’m prepared wherever the fight goes. We know what his game plan is and we will be ready to stop it.

This is said to be a elimination fight, the winner getting a immediate title shot later this year. Your opponent is the #2 ranked featherweight Bo William’s. Williams is coming off a impressive performance against a former opponent of yours Zack Lozano. Did you get a chance to watch that fight and what did you think of what you saw in Bo Williams?

If beating a guy I’ve beaten makes him #2 what does that make me? I sat cage side, knowing whoever won is my next fight. I knew Lozano wanted a rematch and thought he’d breeze through Williams but that wasn’t the case. Anyway, we read Williams like a book and know what is coming. Hes just a wrestler looking for takedowns. If he decided to stand and strike it 100% wont be good for him. Turning this into a wrestling match is his only chance of winning and even that wont be easy for him.

Being in a training room with CFC champions Alexander Schenk and Isaac Morris, along with UFC fighter Jacob Kilburn. What is it like knowing that your training partners are probably better than your opponents ate going to be?

It definitely makes the fight easier then the training (laughs) I’m just glad I’m apart of such a stacked talented team.

George who’s fighting style have you always admired over the years watching MMA, is there a fighter that you look up to or try to follow what their doing in the cage?

It took Conor McGregor to actually make me a fight fan. It took my brother and former MMA fighter Brian Pieratt to actually become a fighter. And Jacob Kilburn to actually look up to as a fighter

Thank you George for talking with us. Do you want to thank or show anyone some love that has been helping you get ready for March 7th at CFC 8?

The one and only my Head Coach Lance Boyd and the best fighter in TN Jacob Kilburn who has shaped me into the undefeated fighter I am today. George Byard who’s been teaching me a lot about boxing, and CFC Featherweight Champion Alexander Schenk for helping me with wrestling. I love you guys and thank you for everything.



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