CFC 8’s Jaysen Baker: “I’m winning that fight on March 7th. Whatever it takes”

Murfreesboro, Tennessee: Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships is starting 2020 with HUGE BANG! The promotion is ready and will be hosting CFC 8. The event will take place on March 7th in Murfreesboro Tennessee at the MID TEN EXPO.

In this night of action, we will see Jaysen Baker whose an experienced CFC veteran. He debuted at CFC 2 winning by submission over eventual CFC bantamweight champion Isaac Morris. He returned at CFC 3 to submit Nolan Thomas. After CFC 3 the organization’s president Johnathan Ivey nicknamed Baker the submission magician. At CFC 4 baker fought for the CFC featherweight title against champion Jaime Vasquez losing a judge’s decision. Baker took some time away from the sport and makes his return at CFC 8 to take on Jose Arriaga in the lightweight division.

FightBook MMA was able to talk to Jayesn during his training camp and you can find the conversation below.

Jaysen thanks for talking with us just two weeks before your big fight in the CFC. We’ve noticed you haven’t fought since CFC 4, where have you been and what have you been up to during that time?

You’re very welcome Roberto, thank you for having me on. After my last fight I decided to take some time to redevelop my skills. When I had last fought I might have had 2 years of MMA training at that point, let alone properly getting ready for fights. Life also got in the way, I had to pull out of the last fight due to a knee surgery. But hey I’m here now, let’s have a good knock!

Your last fight was a tough decision loss against super tough Jaime Vasquez for the CFC featherweight title, Vasquez later even moved up to the lightweight division and captured that CFC title as well. What did you learn going 3 rounds with a fighter like Vasquez?

I really learned a lot about myself in that fight. I was always curious how I would take a loss. I don’t think I initially took it well, but I’ve stayed relentless in my journey and proud of where I’m at now. From there I completely restructured and took major priority on the modalities of my training. Everything became much much more specific and technical. That loss made me observe how the pros train and in return train like a pro, and I’m excited for everyone to see my hard work March 7th!

We noticed you’re moving up to lightweight for this fight March 7th. What is your thought process for the move in divisions? Was it something you and your team both decided on for you.

I ultimately decided to move up to lightweight. I decided to do so because the whole thing, fighting and training, were at its complete lowest and least fun when I was cutting to featherweight. There’s no money, insurance, etc. for us amateur fighters, why would I keep cutting incredible amounts of weight and give a lackluster performance? I did this to have fun and please the fans with my new energy.

You’re returning to the sport to take on a top 5 ranked lightweight in Jose Arriaga. What do you know about Arriaga and how do you see the fight going March 7th?

I don’t know too much about Arriaga, but from what I’ve heard he’s a respectable guy and I have nothing negative to say. With the internet he’s got access to my fight videos and I do the same, I’m sure we’re both doing our homework. I can’t attest to his hard work, but I know how hard I’m working. I’m winning that fight on March 7th. Whatever it takes.

With CFC becoming the fastest-growing promotion in Tennessee, it seems like you have some outstanding training partners on your team that are highly ranked in the organization in Logan Nash and Donovan Salvato! What’s it like to get to train next to these guys day in and day out?

I’m excited for the CFC’s growth too! It’s fun to be apart of. It’s more so exciting when you have your friends that you think of as family fighting with you. I’ve known Donovan and Logan for 4 years, wouldn’t want any other brothers to have my back on and off the mats. Also extremely excited for Donovan’s title and P4P ranking fight!

Thanks Jaysen for taking the time to talk with us. Is there anyone you would like to thank or show some love to before we close out this interview?

I’d like to give a personal shoutout to my mom, she’s been financially and emotionally outstandingly supportive. Behind every great man is his mother! Shoutout to my training partners and coaches, there’s a few but they know who they are and my appreciation for them. Shoutout to Anthony Pascarella, my strength and conditioning coach, he is one of the most passionate men I’ve ever encountered about athletic performance. He’s gonna be huge one day. Last, but not least, my sponsor US Pest Protection! The fact they’ve sponsored me, a local fighter, they’ve made a real difference in my life and they will to yours too, doing whatever it takes!

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