CFC 8’s Justin Key: “I see the fight being a stand-up war”

Murfreesboro, Tennessee: Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships is starting 2020 with HUGE BANG! The promotion is ready and will be hosting CFC 8. The event will take place on March 7th in Murfreesboro Tennessee at the MID TEN EXPO.

In this night of action, Justin Key, trained by Joey Brassell who is also the head trainer for CFC Flyweight champion Alex Traughber, attempts to become the second CFC champion trained by Brassell on March 7th when he takes on CFC Bantamweight champion Isaac Morris. He caught up with FightBook MMA and this is what he had to say about this fight.

Justin thanks for talking with us here at FightBook MMA before your huge fight on March 7th at CFC 8. How has training been going in preparation for this fight?

Training has been going great, my technique is becoming crisper. I’m feeling really strong, and the most important thing is I don’t have any injuries. I plan on putting on a good show in my MMA debut.

You train alongside CFC Flyweight champion Alex Traughber. How does it affect you knowing that you train with someone that has had so much success in the CFC? It has to boost your confidence right.

Getting to learn technique alongside Alex definitely helped me progress quicker. Also sparring with him as he prepares for his pro debut has made my cardio incredible since he’s preparing for 5-minute rounds. Training with him is definitely something that makes me feel more confident about any fight. We have had some wars in the cage during this training camp.

Your opponent March 7th is CFC Bantamweight champion, Isaac Morris. What do you know about Morris and how do you see the fight going?

I watched film on his last 3 fights, he’s a super tough and talented fighter. I see the fight being a stand-up war.

Justin is there an MMA fighter that you look up to the most? That you try to emulate their style and fight similar to them.

There’s a lot of fighters that I respect but former boxing heavyweight champion Joe Louis is one that I look up to.

Is there anyone that you would like to thank or show some love to before we go, Justin?

I just want to thank my amazing team for guiding me, in my faith as a Christian, in my life as a person and in this sport as a fighter.

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