CFC Featherweight Champ Alexander Schenk will defend his title against Ebi Sikpi at CFC 8

Murfreesboro, Tennessee: Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships is starting 2020 with HUGE BANG! The promotion is ready and will be hosting CFC 8. The event will take place on March 7th in Murfreesboro Tennessee at the MID TEN EXPO.

CFC Super Heavyweight Champion Chase Mcmullen will be defending his title against possibly the most powerful puncher in CFC history, #1 contender Brian Meeks. Also on the card, CFC Featherweight Champ Alexander Schenk will be defending his strap when he faces Ebi Sikpi who’s a veteran under the CFC banner. Alexander Schenk is the protege of current UFC fighter Jacob Kilburn. Alexander blasted onto the MMA scene and in the process won the CFC Featherweight Championship last year. Before he defends his belt, Alexander talked to FightBook MMA about his title defense.

Alexander your back in the CFC again and here we are talking with you again. The CFC is like a home for you it seems. Your the undisputed CFC Featherweight Champion and you are defending the title March 7th against Ebi Sikpi! What do you know about this guy? Can we expect fireworks?

I know that he’s a grappler and that is it no striking just a grappler I have absolutely zero respect for his skill there’s nothing that I’ve seen him do that is impressive I will walk in there and give him a MMA buffet

To this point in your career is obvious that you enjoy standing up and banging, but when you actually captured the CFC featherweight title against Logan Nash you spent a lot of time on the ground in his world. Do you feel comfortable on the ground these days or will you always prefer stand up?

I am 100% confident that anywhere this Fight goes I will dominate there’s nowhere in this cage and he has an advantage I am the CFC king I am going to show that March 7 he says he’s comfortable with the striking but as soon as I put my hands on him you will see the truth no one in the world can stand with me I am just on another level in this training camp is more serious more street I’m coming in a be more aggressive more active this will be complete domination so to answer your last question yes you will see fireworks you will see me shooting a hand or a kick to his face and seeing his face explode.

We seen it posted earlier this week that there is a elimination featherweight fight between your current teammate George Pieratt and Bo Williams. I guess what we want to know is do you keep up with the featherweight division and the guys trying to work their way up to you?

What do you think there is not a man alive who can beat me when I’m at my best bo Williams is going to get finished in the second round by my teammate George.

So on a regular basis you are in the training room with current UFC fighter Jacob Kilburn, CFC Bantamweight champion Isaac Morris, highly ranked George Pieratt….what are these training sessions like? Walk us through what a typical training session looks like.

Yes I train with some great competitors and fighters you missed one in the great James Hairston he will be winning the welterweight title the same date March 7 but we all push each other to grow higher and dominate we will show why we are the best fight team out there

Alexander as always it’s great to get to talk with you before your fight. We wish you the best against highly regarded Ebi Sikpi on March 7th. Is there anyone you would like to give some love to before we close?

Thank you and who is highly regarding him Logan Ass someone who’s had to MMA fights and probably will never fight again Or a Brazilian jujitsu coach who has never fought before I put my name on a mat to my hands so I don’t wanna hear anyone say he’s highly regarded but I would like to shout out on my sponsors Simblic Photography, train 36ixty, and sell and trade Nashville and my mother and sister for being there with me and all my coaches and training partners


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