Chase Mcmullen is ready to fight at CFC 5

Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships (CFC) 5 will take place on Saturday October 20, 2018 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee at the Mid TN Expo Center. Event doors will open at 630 p.m. and fights will start at 730 pm.

One of the fighters on the card is Chase Mcmullen, he’s fought on CFC 1 where he had a hard-fought fight and won by second round TKO over Lavelle Miller. He came back at CFC 3 and fought for the vacant Heavyweight title against Sammy Walker. Chase was actually winning the fight before he got caught with a punch that knocked him out. Now Chase is coming back to CFC 5 and moving up a weight class to Super Heavyweight to fight Jeremiah Hill for the vacant Super Heavyweight Title.

Before he steps in the cage to meet Hill he sat down and talked to Roberto CEO of FightBookMMA.

Chase before we get into the interview, can you tell the fans out there a bit about yourself?

I’m a father of four husband to one (laughs) work hard play hard. I started doing MMA as a passion I’ve never let go of.

That was my next question, why MMA?

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Like I said it’s been a passion of mine for a long time now. You know how they say “I was just drifting through life until…” well I never really drifted through, but when I got to train for the first time I was like whoa. Then my first fight came around and as corny as it maybe I felt like my true self.

That’s awesome. So can you walk us through your fight with Lavelle Miller from back at CFC 1?

Yeah that was tougher than I feel like it should have been. He really tested my gas tank in that match, but I knew he was going to want me on the ground. So I just kept it out of his comfort zone, stayed up and threw my shots to put on a show.

We’ve heard you were actually winning the fight against CFC heavyweight champion Sammy Walker before getting caught with a huge punch, what were you able to take away from that fight?

Agreed I absolutely believe I was as well. I had some shots land standing up, knocked him down early. He made his way back up I started seeing him as an opportunity to showcase my skills instead of the fighter that he is. That loss taught me to stay humble in the cage cause your opponent is in there to win just like you. Very valuable lesson learned the hard way.

Yeah man I hear you. So have you got a chance to watch the fight with Lavelle Miller and Jeremiah Hill?

Not yet.

What areas do you think you are better than Jeremiah?

I think as long as I keep my head in the fight my speed will decide it going my way.

How do you see the fight going October 20th?

Honestly a fight isn’t decided until it’s over, but I see myself filling that belt vacancy.

Is there anything you would like to tell Hill before y’all step into the cage?

Nope, I’m just ready to fight this guy.

Is there anybody else in the CFC that you would like to fight?

I just want to keep fighting top competitors.

Chase thanks again for the opportunity. Is there any sponsors or anyone you want to give a shout out the floor is yours.

No sponsors just Yonah and team Bushido as well as my family.


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