Chase McMullen sat down with FightBook MMA ahead of his title bout at CFC 9

Murfreesboro, Tennessee: Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships 9: The Return will take place on Saturday, March 6, 2021, in Middle Tennessee Expo in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

One of the fights on the card will be Chase McMullen as he takes on Saigh Mullins. Chase Mcmullen is the CFC Super Heavyweight Champion. He will be defending his title on March 6th at CFC 9 against the #1 ranked Contender Saigh Mullins.

Chase took time to talk to Roberto Villa CEO of FightBook MMA during his training camp. You can check out the interview below.

Roberto: Chase it’s great to talk with you just a couple weeks before you defend your CFC Super Heavyweight Title. How have you been doing lately and how has training been going for your fight March 6th?

Chase: I’ve been pretty good lately. Seems like life is just throwing one thing after another at me lately, but who doesn’t feel that way during times of turbulence. As far as training goes it’s been a lot of solo work and cardio unfortunately. That aside I still feel very much ready for this successful title defense.

Roberto: At CFC 9 on March 6th your defending your title against the #1 ranked Super Heavyweight Contender Saigh Mullins. We know you were sitting cage side at Mullins last fight in the CFC. What did you think of his performance?

Chase: Yeah he was quite impressive his strikes were sharp and seemed to be very comfortable with the pace.

Roberto: Mullins is tough. Out of all your opponents in the CFC, his style probably resembles that of Cody Huckabe the most. Huckabe won a close judges decision against you, did you learn anything in the Huckabe fight that you can use to defeat Mullins on March 6th?

Chase: Finish the fight. I felt that fight should have went my way, but left in the judges hands they saw it differently.

Roberto: There’s talk if you successfully defend your title March 6th that you could move down to heavyweight and fight for that vacant title later this year to be a two division champion in the CFC at the same time. Have you paid much attention to Tim Johnson or Alejandro Magonara in the past? Depending on how their fights go March 6th either of those guys might be your next opponent if you decide to go for the heavyweight title.

Chase: Yes I’ve definitely been watching those guys. It’s important if you’re going to fight in multiple divisions to know your adversaries in each one. Between the two I’m not sure who I would rather fight. They’ll both be good opponents for me and two very different styles, but I’m tired of that heavyweight belt slipping through my hands.

Roberto: Actually, you being the champion in the CFC, would you mind giving us some predictions for CFC 9 on March 6th. Tim Johnson vs Lavelle Miller…what are your thoughts on how that matchup might turn out?

Chase: I feel that’s a similar fight to mine as far as style matchup. If Lavelle is able to work around Tim’s reach, and pressure him as much as he did me in our fight. I definitely see him walking away with his hand raised. Although Tim’s power is nothing to take lightly I’m going to go with Lavelle in this matchup.

Roberto: The first ever women’s champion will be crowned when Albani Orduna takes on Sabrina Stover. How do you see that fight going?

Chase: Oh man this is tough one seeing how incredible Albani has when training she’s very well rounded nothing short of incredible. Sabrina has the heart and power to make things go her way. But I’m going hands down with Albani in the second round.

Roberto: Chase thank you so much for talking with us before your title defense. Is there any loved ones or training partners you would like to thank before we go?

Chase: Yes big thank you to Bushido for being patient with me and always willing to work with me. My family and close friends have definitely been very supportive of this fight and so thankful to have that. I also want to take time to say how proud I am of m the community I grew up in, and how they came together after losing two incredible friends to many. R.I.P Chance Black and Zach Grooms. As always it was a pleasure to do this interview with you.

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