Chris Harris hungry and ready ahead of LFA 72 Main Event

Chris Harris (11-3) heads into the LFA 72 main event to take on Daniel Madrid (16-6). This is a matchup of styles as Harris loves to strike but can rely on his smooth wrestling skills if needed. Madrid is very much going to look to try an get this fight to the ground if he can. Look for this to be a battle of wills and a very entertaining headliner.

Harris is a savvy veteran who has fought under the banners of Bellator, EFC, and LFA respectively. The JMKT product’s only blemishes on his professional record have came against some high-quality guys such as Brendan Allen who just recently signed with the UFC via the Tuesday Night Contender Series.

With a win at LFA 72 one may be led to believe that Harris will follow the footsteps of Allen and get either a direct call up or secure a contract on the Contender Series but that remains to be seen. Look for Harris to be doing big things over the next calendar year.

LFA 72 goes down Friday July 26th from the Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona. FightBook MMA had the chance to sit down with the Wichita, Kansas based Chris Harris.

At Middleweight Chris you’ve had a number of marquee wins. Will you take those victory blueprints to use against Daniel Madrid in the main event of LFA 72?

“Yup same game plan as always. Pressure, punch, and kick him till he shoots.”

With him being a black belt in jits has more of the focus been on ground work more than usual?

“Not really any more than usual. I always expect my opponent to shoot black belt or not, so I always focus on my wrestling. I’m not going to try and go looking for a sub on him. I’ll try out wrestle him and if not then I’ll try and end up on top to control and land some ground and pound. Other than that plan is always to stand and bang.”

You’re a JMTK product alongside the likes of Caveman, Tyler Ingram and Steven Nguyen under Andy Zeger. Is there a wrinkle or two that you’ve added since your last outing?

“Oh, I don’t know, we’re always adding new things or trying to improve but at the same time we have a high level of striking as it is so i usually try and focus on my basics. That’s how I fight as it is. nothing flashy just solid fundamentals and forward pressure until one of us breaks, but with that being I have been getting back to my footwork and movement a lot more like I used to.”

Getting back to those fundamentals and those heavy hands could fans see an early KO?

“I’m hoping so. But that’s always the goal. How much striking we see depends on my opponent.”

You go and get this W at LFA 72 and what would be next for you at 12-3?

“Main event at LFA in Wichita, Contender Series, or a call up who knows. Got to get through Madrid first. But I will say that as of last night all 3 of my losses are only to guys in big shows. Jordan Young undefeated in Bellator and now 2 guys in the UFC so things could be looking good after this.”

Watch LFA 72 live on AXSTV Friday July 26th at 10pm EST.

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