Chris Lytle “Not Here For A Safe Fight” Ahead Of BKFC 4, Against J.C. Llamas

Chris ‘Lights Out’ Lytle is set to return to the BKFC ring at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 4 (BKFC4) on February 2nd, 2019 in Cancun, Mexico. After a dominant performance at Bare Knuckle FC 2, where he knocked out Drew Lipton in the first round, Lytle will look to make another huge statement, willing to “do everything in my power to put on the best performance of my life.”

Lytle was 31-18-5 in MMA, 13-1-1 in professional boxing, and now 1-0 in bare knuckle boxing, with many unsanctioned fights going off the record. ‘Lights Out’ details the deference between his former combat experience, and preparing for a bare knuckle fight.

“Actually I’ve had way more than 54 MMA fights,” Lytle tells FightBook MMA when asked about his mixed martial arts record. “Many didn’t count because there were no sanctioning bodies in the 90s. Unfortunately for my record, I never lost one of those. Anyway, at some level, a fight is a fight. The mental aspect is exactly the same if it’s boxing, MMA, or bare knuckle.” He added, “On the other hand, it’s definitely a different feeling out there when the other guy has no gloves on. You got to worry about every punch. This is the real ‘sweet science’ of hit and don’t get hit.”

In 2011, Lytle last competed in the UFC opposite of former welterweight title challenger, Dan Hardy. Victorious in his retirement fight, Chris always had an eye for returning to boxing. As bare knuckle boxing was reborn in the United States, it was a no brainer.

“I’m done with MMA and always wanted another boxing fight. But with the reincarnation of bare knuckle boxing, a brand new sport in a way, this is where I want to be.”

Heading into his second fight for the promotion, it’s clear Lytle is here to stay, having found a new home.

Debuting at BKFC 2, the promotions second showcase, and now for their fourth event going international, Chris is more than happy to be competing at the “ground floor” of a newly legalized sport in parts North America.

“It’s great to be there at the ground floor. I love it. I was there when the UFC blew up but not at the beginning. I’m proud to be part of it and hope to help make it grow.”

On February 2nd, Chris Lytle will travel into enemy territory, where he will take on the debuting, J.C. Llamas. When asked what the fans can expect from him on that up-and-coming night, it was only one thing.

“You can expect excitement. I’m not here for a safe fight or the free T-shirt. I came to hit someone in the face as hard as I can.” Additionally, he added on his opponent, “JC looks strong and throws bombs. I love it. I want a guy who’s gonna try to KO me, not out jab me.”

Now 44 years of age and a life times worth of combat experience, the hard part for Lytle isn’t the fight, but rather the training.

“Training is tough. I feel old and my body is sore. Training is the tough part but the grind is what it’s all about.”

Fighting early on in the new year, it was only appropriate we asked ‘Lights Out’ what his 2019 goals were, especially with another fight on the horizon.

Lytle tells FightBook MMA, “All I’m thinking about is February 2. If I think about anything else, there might not be anything else.” Focused on the task at hand for BKFC 4, we followed up for his goal on that night, “My goal for February 2 is to do everything in my power to put on the best performance of my life. I’m looking for great fights now and nothing else”

Be sure to follow Chris ‘Lights Out’ Lytle on Twitter: @ChrisLytleLO, as he heads into his second fight for Bare Knuckle FC, taking on J.C. Llamas in Cancun, Mexico.

Watch BKFC4 Live on PPV and FITE.TV, as BKFC 4 goes international on February 2nd, 2019.

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