Christan Lozano makes his MMA debut at CFC 8

Murfreesboro, Tennessee: Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships is starting 2020 with HUGE BANG! The promotion is ready and will be hosting CFC 8. The event will take place on March 7th in Murfreesboro Tennessee at the MID TEN EXPO.

In this night of action, we will see Christan Lozano make his CFC and MMA debut. Lozano is the little brother of CFC veteran Zack Lozano. Christan has helped his brother prepare for his past fights in the CFC, this time around it was his big brother helping him prepare for Christan’s debut in the sport of MMA. March 7th Lozano steps in the cage for the first time to take on MMA veteran Cameron Taylor at CFC 8 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee! But before he makes his MMA debut, he spoke to FightBook MMA and you can check out the conversation below.

Christan thank you for talking with us here at Fightbook MMA the week of your debut fight in the sport of MMA. I guess the obvious question is how do you feel just days before your going to be walking into a cage for the first time?

Walking into the cage has always been a strong interest of mine. I love physical competition and what could be more physical. Walking into the cage I’m extremely excited. I wrestled all throughout high school and this will be my first time performing in front of people again and it just fules my fire more.

Your brother being a veteran of CFC, how has helped you prepare for this fight?

My brother has pushed me and been on me a lot to make sure I stay training and keeps me from getting lazy no doubt but mostly just mentally preparing me for the atmosphere

You’re making your debut against a very experienced fighter in Cameron Taylor. Taylor is known for his stand up ability, how do you see the fight going March 7th?

I personally feel that I have an advantage stepping into the cage against him due to the fact that I have been able to watch and study his previous fights. I understand he likes to stand and strike but if you get close enough to touch me you are putting yourself in range for a takedown into my world.

Do you plan on making the Flyweight division your home, or do you think you may move between Flyweight and Bantamweight depending on the matchup?

With my weight I feel comfortable in either division, but for the time being I plan on sticking with flyweight.

We wish you the best of luck at CFC 8, do you have anyone you would like to thank or show some love to before we close out this interview?

First I’d like to give a big thanks to all my coaches and teammates over at legion jujitsu, without them I wouldn’t be fighting. Second a big thanks to my brother for inspiring me and pushing me to stick with this. Last I’d just like to thank all my family and friends for supporting me and dealing with me constantly trying to spar and horse around with them.


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