CM Punk’s Injury Causes Him To Miss WrestleMania

Photo Credit: Wrestlejunkie

After wrestling his first WWE TV match in the 2024 Royal Rumble match since 2014, CM Punk’s chance to headline his first WrestleMania at this year’s WrestleMania 40 PPV has gone up in flames. As CM Punk suffered a severe shoulder injury during his participation in the Royal Rumble match, CM Punk will miss this year’s WrestleMania 40 PPV as he’ll be out of action for the next couple of months. Because of this, the highly-anticipated match-up between him and World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins will not happen anytime soon.

CM Punk may be one of the most talked about figures in the wrestling world, but one shouldn’t look past the fact that CM Punk is in his mid-40s and has dealt with severe injuries in recent years, going back to his recent AEW run. And even though CM Punk will most likely return to the ring and possibly work a high-profile match, his in-ring career may come to an end much sooner than some think.

Based on his recent work in AEW and WWE, CM Punk has shown time and time again that he hasn’t lost a step in terms of cutting promos. However, although he’s had a list of classic matches during his run in AEW, he may get to a point where his body isn’t able to wrestle at the same level that he used to, which is inevitable for every professional wrestler.

As one of CM Punk’s goals in his in-ring career was to headline a WrestleMania PPV, it’s unknown whether he’d be able to headline next year’s WrestleMania 41 event, especially as he’ll be a year older by then. There’s no denying that CM Punk is still an asset to WWE, as he’d bring value to the product in any role he gets. However, CM Punk’s second WWE run could turn into one of the biggest disappointments in modern wrestling if injuries continue to derail him and potentially end his in-ring career.

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