Combate Global 24 weigh-in results

Miami, FL – All fighters are weighed and ready for tomorrow’s Combate Global 23 card, which takes place on October 22, 2021.

Tgis event will air live on Paramount+ starting at 10:30 p.m. ET (English) and midnight on Univision (Spanish).

The main event of the night features undefeated fighter Zedekiah Montanez (4-0) who faces Mexican Roberto Romero Hernández (4-2), who has two consecutive knockouts this year.

Montañez will make his debut inside the cage and put his undefeated record on the line when he meets Hernandez, who is on a winning streak.

In the co-main event of the night, Gisselle García Villanueva meets Melissa Amaya, as both ladies will make their professional debut.

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In a flyweight fight, Chilean Cristian Barraza (6-3) returns to action against newcomer Diego Silva (3-2).

Likewise, Ángel Álvarez (3-0) meets Gerrick Bontekoe (4-2); Bryce Gamboa (2-0) vs Maximiliano González (2-1); Isaac Villegas (debut) vs Dorain Ramos (1-0); and Juan Ramírez (1-2) vs Luis Fernando Chávez (debut).

Combate Global 23 weigh in the results:

Roberto Romero Hernandez (144.2 lbs) vs Zedekiah Montanez (145.8 lbs)

Melissa Amaya (125.2 lbs) vs Giselle Garcia Villanueva (119.2 lbs)

Cristian Barraza (125.4 lbs) vs Diego Silva (125.6 lbs)

Angel Alvarez (155 lbs) vs Gerrick Bontekoe (155 lbs)

Bryce Gamboa (134.6 lbs) vs Maximiliano Gonzalez (135.4 lbs)

Isaac Villegas (144 lbs) vs Dorain Ramos (146 lbs)

Juan Ramirez (125.8 lbs) vs Luis Fernando Chavez (125.8 lbs)


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