Combate Global: USA vs Mexico weigh-in results

Miami, FL– Tomorrow’s participants in the Combate Global 155-pound USA vs Mexico tournament weighed in before they enter la jaula. The one-night tournament will feature eight men.

The event airs live on November 12, 2021, Paramount Plus at 9:30 p.m. ET (English) and Univision at 11 p.m. ET (Spanish).

CG2021 November 12 USA vs Mexico takes place on Friday, November 12, live on Paramount Plus and Univision. Representing the United States Jim Alers, Enrique Gonzalez, Jimmy Sandlin, and Samuel Alvarez. For Mexico, Cristian Perez, Daniel Soto, Hugo Flores, and Patrick Lehane. The quarter and semifinals will be one five-minute and the finals will be three five-minute rounds.


Mikey Gonzalez (156. 4 lbs) vs Jake Childers (155.8 lbs) *Fight has been canceled. Gonzalez advances.

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Rodolfo Reseck (154.4 lbs) vs Alfrego Ruelas (154.6 lbs)

Quarter finals

Samuel Alvarez (154 lbs) vs Jimmy Sandlin (155.8 lbs)

Jim Alers (156 lbs) vs Enrique Gonzalez (155 lbs)

Patrick Lehane (155.2 lbs) vs Hugo Flores (155 lbs)

Daniel Soto (157.2 lbs) vs Cristian Perez (155 lbs)

Women’s featured bout

Melissa Amaya (116.2 lbs) vs Andrea Amaro (114.8 lbs)


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