Combate Reinas Event Recap and Results; Melissa “Super Mely” Martinez stays undefeated

Combate Americas held what was arguably its biggest event on Saturday night. Reinas featured an entire main card of women’s mixed martial arts action. The event was held at the Galen Center, home of the USC Trojan’s basketball team. Being in Los Angeles it was a star-studded affair with many famous athletes and celebrates in attendance. UFC hall of fame inductee Tito Ortiz, television star Mario Lopez, and famed boxer Oscar De La Hoya were among those in the audience.

Beyond all the pageantry, everyone was there for the fights. There were a total of 10 bouts on the dock. The crowd was into every one of them. To say the fights were action packed would be an understatement. All but one of the fights ended in either a TKO or submission and the one fight that did go to a decision was a gritty battle.

The night started with two hard-hitting fights. Lucero Acosta smothered Nancy Nava with ground and pound for a TKO win in the opening bout. Sidney Trillo scored a highlight reel knockout with a spectacular head kick that put Destiny Sarran right to sleep. The aftermath of the knockout was scary as EMTs ran into the cage and immediately put Sarran on a stretcher are carried her out.

Also on the card was Southern California favorite Jose “Froggy” Estrada. Wherever Estrada fights he brings with him a huge crowd following. During the duration of his fight the crowd in attendance was cheering “Froggy, Froggy, Froggy.” The chants definitely helped Estrada get through the tough Adrian Guzman for the submission victory. Both Estrada and Guzman held nothing back in their fight. It seemed like there was going to be a knockout in the first round but both men bit down on their mouth guards and toughed it out. The second round started much like the first but Estrada went to the ground and was able to get the back of Guzman. After a brief struggle, Estrada was able to sink in the rear naked choke for the win.

Combate standout Kyra “Mogwai” Batara took on Francis “HitGirl” Hernandez in a featured bout. Fans of Batara were not disappointed, as it was a vintage “Mogwai” performance. Batara used her superior grappling skills to smother Hernandez for the first round. Batara did a good job in wearing her opponent down for the first fiver minutes of the fight. As the second round began, Batara picked up where she left off. She was able to get Hernandez on the ground and from there worked her was to an armbar victory.

The lone fight that did go the distance was gritty bout between California’s Paulina Granados and Chile’s Gloria Bravo. Bravo was able to come out with a unanimous decision victory after dong some damage to the face of Granados.

The night’s main event saw Melissa Martinez deliver a hard knee to the side of Caroline Gallardo’s head for the TKO win. It was tough fight for both fighters as the first round was a good back and forth battle. Neither Martinez nor Gallardo backed down and took each other’s best shots. In the second round Gallardo tried to get in close to Martinez by shooting in for a takedown. Martinez was able to shake off Gallardo and landed a hard knee to the side of her head. Gallardo was instantly stunned and fell down to the canvas. Martinez followed up with some ground and pound. Gallardo was unable to defend herself and the fight was stopped.

Below are the full results for Combate Americas Reinas event.

Combate Reinas Results:

  • Lucero Acosta def. Nancy Nava via TKO in round 2 at 0:51
  • Sidney Trillo def. Destiny Sarran via KO (head kick) in round 2 at 0:28
  • Jesse Strader def. Michael Jackson via TKO in round 2 at 4:41
  • Michael Reyes def. Oscar Suarez via TKO in round 2 at 1:23
  • Jose Estrada def. Adrian Guzman via submission (rear naked choke) in round 2 at 1:30
  • Gloria Bravo def. Paulina Granados via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
  • Kyra Batara def. Francis Hernandez via submission (armbar) in round 2 at 2:55
  • Erick Gonzales def. Won Sik Park via TKO in round 2 at 2:25
  • Yasmine Jauregui def. Daniela Espinosa via KO in round 1 0:13
  • Melissa Martinez def. Caroline Gallardo via TKO in round 2 at 0:50


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