Commentator Robin Black praises Pepey’s ‘intensity’ ahead of Brave 15

One of the world’s most renowned MMA personalities, Robin Black is in Bucaramanga, Colombia to commentate Brave 15, set for the Coliseo Bicentenario, on September 7th. And Black was left impressed by Godofredo Pepey’s overall approach to MMA and his first fight under the Brave Combat Federation banner.

The former featherweight fighter will also make his lightweight debut at the main event of Brave 15 against Alex “Rolo” Torres and Robin was extremely positive about the brazilian’s ground game and rejected the notion that he had a weak chin.

“Jiu-jitsu is a game of subtleties and he’s a brilliant jiu-jitsu player. It is beautiful and it is an art. But some artists fight with ferocious intensity and he has that. He has an amazing athletic background, a great guard. He’s brilliant at that. Playing guard can be offensive because our two legs and two arms are in play and the opponent’s legs are out of the equation. Pepey is one of those guard players. And I don’t know if he has a bad chin. He was knocked out on his guard, but was that because his chin is gone, or is it because the other guy hit heavy? We can’t say! We tend to talk about two or three scenarios and make predictions based on that. But there are so many other things that play a part in a knockout win or loss that we don’t take into account”, Black commented while speaking to Brave’s play-by-play commentator Kirik Jenness.

As a part of his duties as color commentator, Robin sits down with Brave fighters in order to familiarize himself more with the athletes on a personal level. He admits he wasn’t prepared for Godofredo Pepey’s intensity and was taken aback as to how he’s viewing his Brave debut mentally.

“You could feel (his intensity). Before we could talk about technique, we talk about passion and he was as intense as they come. I was impressed with his intensity and passion with which he talks about fighting and what it means to him to be fighting for Brave. His emotion is a big part of who he is. His family has overcome a lot of adversity, they were constantly hungry and he brings that sense of urgency with him into the cage, and that’s what we’re going to see on friday night”.

Brave 15 will mark the first time Colombia receives a global MMA show. Apart from the main event, six other brazilian fighters will defend their country’s honor against Latin America, including Gabriel “Fly” Miranda and veterans Cleiton “Predator” Silva and Ricardo Tirloni.

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