Complete results of the third edition of Inchigeki in Brazil

The third edition of Inchigeki, held on September 19th, was a whisper, raised the audience that attended the Villa Show event house in the Icoaraci District, in the metropolitan region of Belém, in the state of Pará, Brazil, which witnessed large MUAY-THAI and MMA fights.

In the main fight of the night at MMA, Junior Mendes beat Alan Pereira “Gladiador” by TKO in the second round, the fight was valid for the middleweight (84kg) category.

Check out the full results of the third edition of Inchigeki below:


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55kg- Elza “Full Thai” defeated Nazaré Viúva (split decision)

▪ 57Kg Luan Galvão defeated Jonilson Raiol (unanimous decision)

▪ 70kg – Neto “MuayThai” defeated Diego Duarte (resignation) at 2:00 seconds of 2R

84Kg Diogo Aquino defeated William Milagre by TKO (elbows) at 2R16

▪ 66kg – Cristian Esquerda defeated Eduardo Twister by unanimous decision

MMA Fights

▪ 66kg – Carlos Capoeira defeated Pinha Salinas by unanimous decision

▪ 77kg – Marcelo Leão defeated Pedro Sagat for TKO (punches) at 04:40 of 2R

▪66kg – Robert Correia defeated Eduardo Viana by TKO (kick) at 03:40 from 3R


▪84k-Junior Mendes defeated Alan Pereira “Gladiador” by TKO (punches) at 03:20 from 2R

Click here for the best moments of the main fight.

Photo: main winner of the fight (Junior Mendes)


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