Could Flavour Vaping Be The Answer To Losing Weight?

Obesity and overweight present a serious health risk for the developed world. The workplace has changed, forcing workers to have a more sedentary lifestyle. Food has also changed with more people now eating a higher calorie diet than before.

The changes in lifestyle and food, coupled with other environmental factors, increases an individual’s chance of gaining weight. But too much weight is not healthy.

Many companies have come up with products that can help people lose weight, but none seems to be ideal. Some opt for weight loss surgery, but the cost is out of reach of many people.

There are natural, affordable products that can help with weight loss, but they take too much time. Due to these challenges, many people take options that can be harmful to their bodies.

Studies show that when people quit smoking, they tend to gain weight. It has raised questions on whether smoking helps reduce weight.

Due to the harmful effects of smoking, doctors do not recommend smoking to reduce weight. But is it possible to tap the weight-reducing properties in cigarettes without being affected by the harmful chemicals?

Many young people have turned to alternative vape products, not to help them quit smoking, but to lose weight.

Could the solution be vaping? Vaping is the inhalation of vapor from an electronic device. Vaping is common among people trying to quit smoking. While you still get the cigarette effects, it eliminates the harmful chemicals of combustion and carcinogens. You must try Hangsen eliquids and ejuices and enjoy vaping.

Vaping and Weight Loss

Since cigarette smoking seems to curb weight gain, some experts believe that vaping can help those who want to lose weight.

To understand how vaping works, it is essential to know the components of the e-liquid in vapes. A typical vape contains nicotine, propylene glycol, flavorings, and vegetable glycerin.

A vape does not contain the carcinogens (cancer-causing) and other chemicals that make standard cigarettes dangerous. The contents in a vape are not harmful like in a cigarette, but what role do they play in weight loss?

Nicotine Is an Appetite Suppressant

Studies on people trying to quit smoking found that when they stop, they tend to gain weight. However, those who use vaping as a coping strategy do not experience weight gain. So, what is it in cigarettes that help control weight?

The secret is nicotine. This chemical activates the dopamine-based reward pathway in the brain that signals satisfaction after a meal.

Nicotine triggers the release of leptin. This hormone suppresses appetite by signaling the brain to leptin and other hormones that modulate hunger.

When you inhale the nicotine in the vape, it binds to dopamine receptors in the brain. It activates a signaling pathway that tells the brain that the stomach is full and shuts down the desire for food.

It explains why the general population of smokers is thinner compared to nonsmokers. Studies indicate that nicotine could help the body get rid of 15% to 20% of weight within a few months.

Nicotine is a Stimulant:

Studies show that people who smoke have, on average, five kilos less than those who do not smoke. But there is no scientific evidence that smoking helps reduce weight. Though, scientists agree that it might prevent weight gain.

Scientists believe that the stimulating effects of nicotine can help people not gain weight. The stimulant makes the body burn more energy, increasing the body’s metabolism.

Metabolism describes the process through which the body creates and consumes energy. With a high metabolism, the body does not have excess fat to store as almost everything is used up. This helps smokers stay lean.

Regular smoking increases the heart rate by about 20 and 7 beats per minute in the short- and long-term, respectively. By inhibiting the desire to eat and raising the metabolic rate, nicotine causes the body to use energy more effectively.

Nicotine is a sympathomimetic agent. Most obesity drugs are sympathomimetic agents and act by increasing the energy demands of the body.

Nicotine increases daily energy expenditure by about 10%. This translates to about 200 kcal, which may seem small. However, with a decrease in caloric intake, this could translate to a loss of about 10 kg in a single year.

Vaping is an Alternative to Eating Disorder:

Smoking serves as a behavioral alternative to taking food. Smoking, as a habit, keeps the mouth busy. Every time you put the e-cig in your mouth and draw it, you mimic the act of smoking.

The exercise of smoking itself provides relaxation and alleys anxiety. Smoking keeps both the hands and the mouth busy. Instead of ending up with candies in your hands and mouth, a cigarette takes over, limiting the chances of eating.

People with eating disorders are increasingly using vaping to control the urge to eat. People who use vapes claim that it keeps them from snacking. Some believe that it takes away the craving for sweets.


There is no doubt that nicotine helps suppress appetite and increase metabolic rate. The combination of these factors prevents smokers from gaining weight.

But questions still abound over the safety and addiction potential of nicotine. So, the big question is whether vaping is a safe way to lose weight.

There is little research on the safety of nicotine for weight reduction. Nevertheless, experts agree that nicotine is addictive and presents other health risks such as effects on cardiovascular activity.

Even though experts may not recommend vaping for weight loss, the available research points out that nicotine could be used to develop weight-loss drugs in the future.

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