Cris Cyborg and Amanda Nunes get into heated exchange at UFC 232 Media Conference Call

It seems there is bad blood between two of the greatest female mixed martial artists in the history of the sport.



Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino (20-1 MMA) is looking to make the biggest statement of her career at UFC 232 when she defends her featherweight belt against Amanda Nunes (16-4 MMA). Both warriors are at the highest level of MMA. They both represent women’s MMA to a level that has rarely been reached before. Currently, Amanda Nunes is the women’s bantamweight champion and holds victories over Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate, Raquel Pennington, and Valentina Shevchenko.

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It is without a doubt that this fight is the greatest fight in the history of women’s MMA. It poses a unique opportunity for Amanda Nunes to become the companies first ever dual-division women’s champion, and only joining Conor McGregor and Daniel Cormier to hold two belts simultaneously.

With such a high-stakes fight, it goes without a question the level of emotion involved. Both fighters are invested and each can make history in their respective right.

During the UFC 232 Media Press Conference Call, tensions began to flare between the two.

When previously asked, Amanda Nunes stated that she did not care about promoting this fight. Her intentions were ultimately all in on her training. This didn’t sit well with current featherweight champion, as she had a much different opinion on Nune’s comment.

To just answer Amanda, you say you don’t care about promotion but she says she wants nine months for training so she can have time for promotion. This is sounds funny to me

This lead to a back and forth between the two.

Amanda immediately began to defend herself. “This is the training, not about promotion. When you have time for training, you don’t think about promotion”.

It appears as though the bigger issue is that Cyborg was upset that Amanda needed 9 months to prepare for the fight.

Make sure to check out the entire clip in the video added above. The banter begins at 07:37 – 09:35.



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