Debut of Jungle Fight in DAZN marks 16 years of the event and Willker Lemos as champion of the 77 kg

With a Sold out event, the biggest event in Latin America debuted at DAZN com Willker Lemos as the new 77 kg champion.

In the fight for the 77 kg belt, Wilker Feijao of Team Nogueira was better in the fight dominating his rival and almost finishing. In the second round Quemuel Ottoni of CM System did not endure the rhythm of the fight and tapped after a read naked choke in Round 2.

Feijao, who saw opportunity in the MMA managed to get out of the favelas and consecrate his big phase winning one of the most prestigious belts worldwide.

“We did a great job in Team Nogueira, I thank my teachers, the strategy was the same keep pressure on grappling, I’m very happy, thanks to all my sponsors and Wallid for the opportunity,” said the new champion.

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In the international fight of the card, Argentinian Nicolás Cocuccio defeated Sergio Junio by KO in the second round applying a brutal knee in the body.

The president of Jungle Fight, Wallid Ismail was optimistic with the growth of the franchise, “I am very happy with the event, only good fights, the warriors are well, that is our alliance with DAZN and is a great success, in October there is more Jungle Fight and many novelties for 2020, shortly we will reveal the calendar of the next editions. That’s why Jungle Fight is the best event in Latin America” said Ismail.

Here are the results of the event:

Eduardo Nazareno vs Francisco Figueiredo. ended as a draw

Willker Lemos finished Quemuel Ottoni in the second round.

Nicolas Cocuccio knocked out Sergio Junior in the second round.

Luan Pedroso defeated Wagner Silva by unanimous decision.

William Souza beat Andre Matos Muniz by TKO in the first round.

Kleverson Sampaio defeated Cleverson Sampaiao by finishing in the second round.

Aleandro Caetano defeated Patricio Andrade by unanimous decision.

Vitor Estevan defeated Jorge Luiz Costa by unanimous decision.

Humberto Rangel Jr finished Meijy Portela in the third round.

Italo Gomes defeated Rafael Silva by finishing in the first round.

Eduardo Henriqu Da Silva defeated Matheus Matarazo for KO in the second round.

Andrey Augusto defeated Mauro Paixao by unanimous decision.

Kleydson Rodriguez knocked out Antonio Ceara Silva in the first round.

Douglas Andrade defeated Ivan Lima by finalization.

Luiz Paulo finished Lincon Santos in the first round.

Neuaque Barbosa defeated Andre Tomini in the first round.

Renan Oliveira defeated Gabriel Oliveira by unanimous decision.

Lucas Tavares defeated Celito Nascimento by a divided decision


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