Devin Powell Ruptures Testicle in Training, Ready for Octagon Return after Recovery

MMA is a sport riddled with injuries, some more serious than others. Through the years, we’ve witness injuries such a Anderson Silva’s leg break, eye pokes, even really bad “low blows” (the nut shot), however, Devin Powell (0-2 in the UFC) has outdone every and all injuries inside and outside of the octagon.

Early reported by TMZ, Devin Powell was visiting Joe Lauzon at his gym in Massachusetts, where every Monday they train together. What would have been just a regular day for Lightweight competitor, things would take an incredible horrible, cringe worthy turn, one nobody could have expected.

FightBookMMA spoke with Powell straight out of surgery (for the injury), and you’ve now been official warned, the description of the accident is quite graphic.

We asked Powell via: Social Media what had happened leading up to, and during the accident earlier this week, and here’s how it all unfolded:

I was training at Joe’s gym in Massachusetts which is about a 2 1/2 hour trip for me, we do it every Monday. After we wrap up BJJ, we go in and we roll in the other room. Joe and I always get some awesome training sessions in and we were going at a good pace, he was trying to pass my guard and I was trying to recover and in his transitions from side to side to try and pass, his knee went directly up the middle and sandwiched my testicle against my pubic bone. This basically exploded it and the contents came out of the outside. They had to drain it, put the contents back inside the testicle and sew it back up. Then they had to superglue the skin together on the outside. I actually went to see a walk-in clinic after the class finished up and because the UFC covers training related injuries – I don’t have a traditional insurance for this kind of thing – the walk-in clinic pushed me out the door because of the injury. I then went home and laid in bed and rested for a day and a half before I finally went in and saw someone else because everyone told me I need to be seen.”


Once the injury had taken place, nobody really understood the severity of the injury, Powell said:

“When the injury occurred, Joe (Lauzon) was obviously very apologetic; I don’t think anybody understood the severity of the injury. So everyone was kind of joking and laughing a little bit, but he definitely said that he kneed me pretty much like Randleman in pride, trying to knee someone in the head on the ground. He stated that he didn’t think he could knee me any harder even if he tried. Just a terrible freak accident, but at the end of the day I am getting press which I will take anything that will help push me towards my next fight.”

We asked Devin Powell when we could expect to see a rematch with himself and Joe Lauzon, and once recovered, he assured us every Monday he will be there where we can see them “go at it”:

As soon as I am healthy, I will be right back to Joe Lauzon’s To train on Mondays. We sacrifice a lot for the sport, can you sign up for the possible injuries and long term affects of doing it. I wouldn’t change a thing, I would never wish injury on myself or anyone else but you know you roll the dice when you get in the cage or even enter any training room. Is far as seeing me and Joe train, Joe is unbelievably inviting, my whole team comes down there in different groups whenever they are available. He lets anybody in as long as you’re a good person and you want to learn and are respectful. So any Monday I am there that’s your time to See us go at it.”

Powell, who is 8-3 in his professional MMA career is currently riding a 2-fight losing streak inside the octagon, and while in most cases, especially losing your first two fights, Powell could be released, but with all the recent press surrounding his injury, they UFC would be smart to keep him around, promoting a return from a horrific injury. Still unsure when he’s fighting next, he’s been searching for a fight, and plans to continue following his recovery.

“I have no clue on an upcoming fight, I make posts tagging (Dana) White and Sean Shelby, and continuously fight for a next UFC appearance. The tough thing is that there are so many fighters that it equates to less fights per year per fighter because the amount of cards that they put out. That does not mean that everyone gets that, some people get five fights, other people get one. It has been very tough going out in losing two tough decisions in my two appearances. I consider myself a winner considering my first fight was on three weeks notice, directly in front of Dana White, Matt Serra, and Din Thomas. I feel like the second fight I made a lot of good adjustments, I doubled my opponents strike count in the third round and I almost submitted him. I felt like I really took over and finally found my stride inside that octagon. I feel like I have so much more to prove and I know how tough I am. I know I just need to let it all go and enjoy it and I will have so much more success and that octagon. My first fight I was playing with injuries leading up to it, I was actually trying to take a break before I was offered the ‘Dana White looking for a fight’ show because I was so beat up, my feet were destroyed, my back was destroyed and I couldn’t bend over. Then I accepted it because he wouldn’t, and I broke my nose and tore my LCL. Basically I had a fight lined up while I was still rehabbing all of this and it really made everything tough.
Experience with Dana White was incredible (on Dana White’s Looking for a Fight). They were all very professional, very cool and down to earth. Basically they came out back after I had been sitting out by myself for a while cover to my own blood, not knowing whether or not they wanted me, he then came out, shook my hand and told me to pick up my phone because he was interested. A couple days later Joe Silva called and gave my contract.

While his injury is still very fresh, it’s unknown when Powell will next compete in the UFC octagon. With a successful recovery, we would call that a win on the record. Just when you thought the Christmas season was officially over, with most people finally taking down their decorations early into 2018, we get this nut cracker.  Stay tuned for up-and-coming news regarding Powell’s return, recovery and more.

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