Director of Public Relations for Shamrock FC Plans for a Landmark Year in 2019

It appears as though MMA Organization Shamrock FC will look to finish 2018 on a strong note while looking to continue the momentum heading into 2019. Recently, MMA commentator and Director of Public Relations for Shamrock FC joined The Complete Knockout to talk about their upcoming event, his personal backstory into MMA and their overall outlook for 2019.

Shamrock Fighting Promotions was founded in 1998 as an organization intended to develop the young fighters in St. Louis, Missouri. They wanted to create a promotion where fans would experience a high-quality event. “Shamrock FC was started by Strikeforce fighter Jesse Finney and his buddy Rob Donaker and they started doing Boxing and Kickboxing shows. That was their big thing – they were in the kickboxing world and they always wanted from the old days from the fight of providing an experience”. Jeremy Johnson began telling FightBookMMA.

They never wanted to create another promotion where people would come in to just see two individuals throwing down. Shamrock FC was founded on the ground that people wanted to look good, feel good and to provide a caliber experience. “It wasn’t just going to the corner to the VFW Hall and watching guys throw down. It was dress-to-impress, it was good drinks, good this…but it was about bringing in an experience that people haven’t seen in the fighting world”.

When you come to a Shamrock FC show – it is lights, it is people who are dressed, it is people who are there for a night out. Not just to watch their buddy fight, but here for the experience and the interactions that are going to be there.

Making a name for themselves in the MMA World

With the world of  MMA growing every single day with more organizations seeming to come into the limelight, Shamrock FC is looking to not only separate themselves from the pack but to add on to their growth and continue their success. “I think what we do is we consider ourselves the AAA league. You’re gonna see guys who are 1- 2 fights away from competing in Bellator“.

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Shamrock FC also has an exclusive partnership with Bellator MMA. They have created a beneficial relationship where the fighters that Shamrock FC is able to grow to get an opportunity to compete within Bellator right away. “If you are one of [Shamrock FC] professionals and you win a Shamrock FC title, and you’re able to defend that title, you are automatically given a contract to Bellator. No questions ask. You have a contract straight into Bellator”.

Well we really do feel that we are Top 3-5 organization [in the world] anyway.”

Making the right connections and gaining exposure

Shamrock FC’s backend team have been making the right moves. Continuing on with their growth, they have recently made deals with massive outlets and streaming services. “If you look at the deals we have in place, FloCombat here in 2018, we’ve added all the markets the FloCombat brings to us. We now do tape delays for NBC sports, to ABC. We have moved in the ranks, we are up there with the LFA‘s and Titans. Our weigh-ins are as big as Bellator’s“.

“The growth of MMA hasn’t plateaued. I don’t think its stopping. I still feel we are in a competition with boxing. MMA has brought in a new generation and what it has done it is taken the little kids coming up who took Karate and Tae-Kwon Do’s are now going to train MMA now. They get to learn all those elements at a much younger age. So then we see the guys coming who have all of this. They weren’t just a wrestler or BBJ practitioner. They have been a true mixed martial artist from the beginning and I think that’s really where the sport is coming into growth”.

Reflecting on 2018

This year was the biggest one yet for Shamrock FC. From having more shows with better production to introducing prospect fighters into MMA, it’s clear that 2018 was monumental for the company. ” This year has been great overall. We went from 18 shows to 13 shows with all bigger events. The partnership with Flo has been a tremendous success” we have signed extensions with our casinos and we are looking for go into some other cities in near future. I would like to get back to doing 18-24 shows a year but only bigger venues” Jesse Finney was able to provide a quote to FightBook MMA as he reflects on this year.


Stay tuned for future shows coming from Shamrock FC as they prepare to continue on with their progression. 2019 will hopefully be another big year for the organization!



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