“DSF Kickboxing Challenge 13: Bull vs. Matador” show will be streamed for free on DSFLIVE.com!

DSF Kickboxing Challenge 13 fightcard will be packed with kickboxingstars. This time, the show will be available for free on DSFLIVE.com all over the World!* Watch 3 championship fights and international K-1 rules match on your laptop or mobile device LIVE on February 3, 2018.

Each DSF Kickboxing Challenge episode provides entertainment of the highest quality. Number “13” will be no different. In the main event of the evening two amateur world champions will collide again – this time freshly crowned K-1 rules world champion Max Bratkowicz will take on Full Contact specialist Mateusz “Don Diego” Kubiszyn (2015 world champion) in his hometown of Wrocław, Poland.

The duo already clashed in December 2016 and after exciting battle Kubiszyn won by a slight margin, although he barely survived Bratkowicz’s powerful late rally and brutal low-kick onslought. Max felt he had been robbed and now he wants revenge on his turf, but “Don Diego” also developed swiftly, and he is ready more than ever to win vacant middleweight DSFKCH championship belt under K-1 rules.

It’s going to be an explosive mixture, I expect blood and high drama down the stretch. It’s like corida, he is the bull and I am the matador. I feel like ninja, he will not see me, but he’s going to feel the pain from my heavy blows. Nothing tastes better than winning on my enemies’ turf. I’m not afraid to call myself a champion and I will be the best in the World!”, says motivated Matt Kubiszyn.

Max Bratkowicz couldn’t care less about his opponent’s trash talk and will gladly play the role of the bull, reminding everyone what happens when the matador is not slick enough to dodge every attack.

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Last time it was very controversial, they robbed me of a clear victory. He couldn’t move for at least few weeks after the fight. This time I’m much stronger, I just won a gold medalin Budapest. He better brings some ortophedic balls, because he will not be able to get off the ring on his own. This is my city and I’m going to destroy him!”, promises Bratkowicz.

Also on the card:

5-fight international K-1 rules match between Poland and Czech Republic (each fight scheduled for 3 rounds)

– awaited DSF Kickboxing Challenge debut of former FEN champions Pawel Biszczak and Roza Gumienna

– breaking news about “DSF Kickboxing Challenge 14: Marcin Rozalski vs. Jerome Le Banner

Championship Fightcard:

5 rounds for vacant WAKO PRO light welterweight title:

K-1 rules Eliasz Jankowski (PL) vs. Yury Zhukouski (BY)

5 rounds, the 1st defense of WAKO PRO super heavyweight title:

Low kick Michał Turyński (PL) vs. Dzevad Poturak (BiH)

5 rounds for vacant DSF Kickboxing Challenge middleweight title:

K-1 rules Max Bratkowicz (PL) vs. Matt Kubiszyn (PL)

* due to TV rights, DSFLIVE.com is not available in Poland. Czech Republic and Bosnia stll pending

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