Eddy George Makes Pro Debut at CES 60

Eddy George wasn’t looking for a whole lot when he began training in MMA.

“I used to wrestle, so what drew me to MMA was the camaraderie — that was the biggest thing that brought me to the sport,” George, 28, says on the eve of his pro debut at CES 60 on Jan. 24 in Lincoln, R.I.

After doing some research on MMA gyms in the area, George, a South Carolina transplant to Connecticut, started his fighting journey under the watchful eye of New England MMA OG Nick Newell at Fighting Arts Academy.

“I knew immediately that this was the guy I needed to train under,” George says. “I went in, spoke with Nick for a few minutes, he offered me a free trial, but I turned it down and signed a contract that day. I knew that I wanted to compete,” he adds. “I knew this is where I needed to be.”

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George had six fights as an amateur, including championship victories with Reality Fighting and Cage Titans. He’s excited to make his pro debut and collect some checks for his effort, but George insists he’s always handled his business like a professional.

“I’m working extremely hard to accomplish my goals — in the gym, in the kitchen, everywhere,” George says.

“Eventually I want to be one of the top five pound-for-pound fighters on the planet. Of course I want belts, but I most want to be regarded as one of the best fighters in the world, and the belts will come along the way.”


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