Efrain confident in taking title from Loman

Felipe Efrain has expressed his confidence to claim the bantamweight championship from Stephen Loman. Felipe Efrain is set to face Arnold Quero at Brave 14 hosted in Tangier, Morocco on 18th August. The bantamweight fighter from Brazil has plans to face Stephen Loman once he can get a win over Arnold Quero in the upcoming bout. Felipe was previously in the title race when he faced Frans Mlambo. He faced his first knockout defeat in Brave Combat Federation against Mlambo.

Efrain voiced out his thoughts that he was left unimpressed by the performance of the SBG Ireland’s prospect who was unable to capture the title from the current Bantamweight champion, Stephen Loman. The fighter from Chute Boxe Diego Lima aims to make a tough opponent to Loman with his Muay Thai skills combined with unrivalled Brazilian Jiu Jitsu background.

“I didn’t think that fight was any good, to be honest. Now I don’t think about a rematch against Mlambo. I want to beat Quero and get my title shot against Loman. Then think about the rematch against Mlambo later”, said Felipe, who won Knockout of The Year at Brave for his 2017 effort against Nawras Abzakh


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