Electric Michael Ballard says “Where’s Waldo, (Smith intruder) there’s $$$$ On The Table, And The Champ Wants to Get Work”

Mathew Granahan, Mike Caramico, and Micheal Ballard speak to Fight Book MMA’s Cameron Chrisp regarding their interest and callout of the tough Anthony Smith intruder, Luke Haberman in Nebraska. Luke  Haberman was caught entering Smith’s House last weekend in the middle of the night for reasons still unknown. Upon his removal, apologized to Smith then was cited for 1st degree trespassing, and released. Smith, for those unaware, originally stated to Ariel Hellwanni that he battered Haberman with flurries of punches, elbows, and knees, unable to knock Haberman out, or get him to give up. Smith went on to say basically that Haberman, though much smaller then (the 6’4” Top Ranked UFC Fighter in Smith) took everything Smith dished out, and considering Haberman was an average Joe, He was no ordinary man.

“I really want  to make this happen. I was able to get Brett Hart’s attacker from Wrestlemania in the ring with former UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar at one of my PPV’s last years. This is right up our alley, ripping guys from the Headlines” said millionairefightclub.com President

Mike Caramico and I were on the same page when we saw this story break. I thought right away of Micheal Ballard, he’s an electrifying fighter that we’ve wanted to do something with for a while. I hope we can make this happen. This young man Luke sounds like a Buzzsaw, and when we get him, and Ballard in the cage it will be Fireworks. Add the commentary of myself and Stephan Bonnar and this will be one for the ages” said millionairefightclub.com Communications Director and Broadcaster Matt Granahan.

It appears Haberman has deactivated his social Media accounts a couple days ago, so if anyone can can connect Haberman with these guys, you can reach out to Mathew Granahan on Facebook, or Cameron Chrisp on Facebook.


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