EPIC 38 Official Results and Recap

Epic Fighting, one of California’s premier amateur MMA organizations returned with another action packed card on Friday May 18th. Epic 38 was held at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel in San Diego, CA. The crowd in attendance was treated to 18 total fights with four of them being title bouts. Out of the 18 bouts, 13 ended by way of knockout or submission. The packed house was lively and passionate and Epic Fighting rewarding them with a highly organized event filled with entertainment, action, and drama.

Results for Epic 38 Championship Bouts:

Women’s 155lbs California State Championship:

Anita Hoehenleiter def. Ashley Coffee via TKO in Round 2 at 3:00

Anita Hoehenleiter continued her dominant stretch on Friday night by scoring a TKO win over Ashley Coffee to retain the Women’s 155lbs California State Championship. Hoehenleiter used her stand up to control the first two rounds of the fight. Hoehenleiter did such damage to Coffee in the first two rounds that Coffee was unable to answer the bell for the third and final round. Hoehenleiter had a little more experience than Coffee and its showed in this fight, as she was able to pace herself as she poured on the offensive onslaught.

Men’s 135lbs California State Championship:

Trevor Wells def. Alexis Esquivel via unanimous decision

This was a hard fought win for Trevor Wells but it was his experience that proved to be the difference in this fight. After his decision win over Alexis Esquivel, Well announced that he will be entering the professional ranks. Wells finishes his amateur career with a 10-5 record and definitely looks to be ready to compete at a high level in the professional ranks.

As for his fight with Esquivel, Wells controlled most of the fight by using his distance and grappling skills. Though Esquivel was down in the scorecards early in the fight he did not give up and had a few moments of offense that got the crowd back into the fight. Wells kept his composure and withstood Esquivel’s brief flurries and regained control of the fight. Wells’ patience and ability to stick to a game plan will serve him well as a pro. It served him well on Friday night as he did not get drawn into a slugfest with Esquivel but rather fought his fight and captured the 135lbs California State Championship.

Epic Fighting Women’s Strawweight Championship:

Juliana Miller def. Jasmine Pouncy via unanimous decision

Juliana Miller used her size and strength to control Jasmine Pouncy for three rounds and capture the Epic Fighting’s women’s strawweight championship. Miller is billed at 5’7 while Pouncy is listed at 5’1 and it was that size plus the superior grappling of Miller that proved too much for Pouncy to handle. Pouncy tried her best to stay in the fight but she could do little and Miller had her way with her for the entirety of the fight.

Epic Fighting and California State 170lbs Championship:

Djavan Coleman def. Brandon Fields via submission in Round 1 at 0:56

The night’s featured attraction was a short affair as Djavan Coleman made quick work of Brandon Fields. Coleman needed less than one minute to capture both the Epic and California State 170 pound championships. Coleman was able to get Fields to the ground and work his way to a rear naked choke. Fields tried valiantly to fight it off but the more he moved the deeper the choke got. Fields had nowhere to go and the fight was stopped.

Below are the full results from Epic 38:

  • Tyler Keist def. Ethan Sterk via TKO in Round 1 at 0:57
  • Louie De La Torre def. Kerollos Georgy via submission in Round 1 at 1:28
  • Christopher Stott def. Alan Kaplan via TKO in Round 1 at 1:01
  • Matthew Shattle def. Joseph Montoya via unanimous decision
  • Zach Tenorio def. Carl Ford via submission in Round 2 at 1:25
  • Tyler Schaefer def. Tricia Straight via TKO in Round 2 at 1:20
  • Julio Francis Ramirez def. Audrey Ventura via submission in Round 1 at 1:35
  • Kristina Pettigrew def. Emma Watson via unanimous decision
  • Caden White def. Keoni Terorotua via split decision
  • Reena Norville def. Jessica White via TKO in Round 1 at 0:18
  • Gokhan Cicekliyar def. Chuck Canady via TKO in Round 1 at 0:26
  • Carl Prescott def. Armando Chavez via TKO in Round 1 at 0:29
  • Adrian Ochoa def. Brennan Casey via TKO in Round 1 at 1:40
  • Steven Scovell def. JoseLuis Heredia via submission in Round 1 at 0:59

By: Alex Ramirez
FiveRoundMMA- Head Writer and On-Air Talent / Correspondent for FightBookMMA.com

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