Ex-UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub recounts saving kids from fatal car accident last week

Mandatory Credit: Laura Cavanaugh

Former UFC heavyweight contender and The Ultimate Fighter 10 finalist, Brendan Schaub has recounted a recent fatal traffic accident on a freeway in Los Angeles, California in which he saved children from the wreckage of the vehicle. 

Appearing on his podcast, The Fighter And The Kid with long co-host, Bryan Callen and fellow comedian, Shapel Lacey, Schaub explained how whilst driving on a freeway earlier last week, he and his wife came across a car accident involving a vehicle and a tractor-trailer.

Despite initial calls from his wife to continue on their way, Schaub explained how he decided to pull over as he spotted a child gesturing for help from the vehicle. Upon noticing how gasoline from the tractor-trailer was leaking across the freeway, the Colorado native explained how he jumped to action in a bid to assist the child. 

My shoes, my jeans, are covered in gas (gasoline) because I’m running (toward the accident),” Schaub explained. “It smells so much like gas… I get to the car and it’s all mangled. There is a bigger kid that kept yelling I don’t want to die and I told him, ‘You’re not going to die, buddy.’ I grab the car door and try and pull it down but I can’t. We have to smash a window to get him out. We break the window and pull the bigger kid through. He had a little brother, about two or three years old in there too who I unbuckled and got out.

Schaub goes on to explain how he and a fellow bystander attempted to search the vehicle for any other occupants, and upon discovering the children’s mother in the front seat who had died during the accident, he ushered the children away from the vehicle with the help of a female witness.

I look at the other guy and ask if there is anybody else in the car,” Schaub said. “He says I think there is one other person in the front. I look and in the front is a lady who passed away. Brain matter everywhere, blood everywhere and the kid is yelling for his mom. I tell him to just look at me so he does not see it.” (H/T LowKick MMA)

Before approaching the vehicle, Schaub explains how he had seen a man veering in and out of lanes of traffic on the freeway on foot, before being struck by a vehicle. 

Recounting the incident, Schaub then told how he had contacted emergency services to inform them that he and his wife had witnessed the accident, before being informed that the accident had been the result of a murder-suicide attempt by the children’s father, who had told his family that morning that they were “all going to heaven today“. 

After reaching out to the family of the woman who had passed away, Schaub explained how he would be paying for the funeral expenses and how he has plans to fundraise for the children. 

GoFundMe page has been set up by Angie Valenzuela called Paying Tribute to Aimee G. in which the late 26-year-old’s aunt attempts to fundraise for funeral costs to cover her niece’s burial. At the time of publication, $38,203 from a goal of $30,000 has been raised. 

On Thursday August 12, 2021 my niece Aimee García (26) was killed in wrong-way driving collision with big rig on 101 freeway in Encino. She leaves behind four beautiful children all under the age of 8. She was a loving caring mother, unfortunately, she was a victim of domestic violence for many years and yesterday the aggressor fulfilled his objectives and enter the freeway the wrong way intentionally killing niece. We are asking for help for burial expenses anything you can help us with will be greatly appreciated. R.I.P my dear Aimee you will be missed terribly.


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