Exclusive Darren Till Interview talks Logan Paul, Tommy Fury, UFC, Holly Holm and Joel Ojeda

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In an exclusive interview with Neue Online Casinos, Darren ‘The Gorilla’ Till reveals his intentions to fight Logan Paul & Tommy Fury in the Boxing ring.

The former UFC fighter also talks about his ambitions to get back to the organisation & become the middleweight champion & shares some of the CRAZY offers he’s been getting since leaving the UFC.

  • Polish organisation is offering me £1m to do MMA Frankenstein fight
  • I’d run over Logan Paul…..for $5 million
  • I’d run over Tommy Fury too
  • I’ll be back in UFC winning middleweight gold in 3 years 
  • Holly Holm can say what the F*** she wants 
  • Judge Joel Ojeda is a piece of s**t & needs to leave UFC

For full transcript of the interview, you can go here.

I’ve had a Polish organisation offer me £1m to do MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing & Karate in one fight

When asked if he could reveal some of the crazy offers he’s been getting since leaving the UFC, Darren replied;

“There’s a Polish organisation who offered me over a million pounds to do 1st round Muay Thai, 2nd round MMA, 3rd round boxing and 4th round karate or something along those lines. They were offering a lot of money for that and it was tempting for something that’s quite a crazy concept. The only problem would be remembering which round it was and not getting disqualified for kicking during the boxing round or something haha!”

I’d run over Logan Paul in the Boxing ring…..for $5 million

Speaking on the rumours circulating around a Boxing match with YouTuber Logan Paul, Darren said;

“If that fight comes about I’ve got my team speaking for me and he’s got his team speaking for him. The guy is a boxer or whatever and I do just feel that I would run over him. I’m going to come into boxing and be running over these guys.”

Saudi Arabia is where the money is now for boxing. If they offered me $5m to fight Logan in the desert, you’d be a fool to turn that down.”

I’d run over Tommy Fury too

When Darren was quizzed on a possible Boxing fight between himself & Tommy Fury, he said;

“One hundred percent. As I told you, if I’m gonna be boxing I’ll be running over these guys, Tommy included.”

My goal is to win UFC middleweight gold in 3 years 

Darren shares is aspirations for the next 2-3 years, after his exit from the UFC;

“One hundred percent I want the middleweight belt. My aspirations haven’t changed in that sense. Money comes and money goes, but I’ve still got that mindset that I’m only 30. Most of the UFC champions are 34 or 35 – so I know I can do it. I just need to be directed in the right way and make sure my body is fit and healthy and my mind is too. Regardless of how much money I make outside the UFC, ultimately my goal is to be back having those big fights in the UFC within two to three years.” 

Holly Holm can say what the Fuck she wants 

After Holly Holm made an impassioned speech in Saturday’s post-fight, Darren Till weighed in on UFC fighters using post-fight interviews to make political statements;

“Listen, say what you want, I don’t really give a fuck. If someone wants to get political or say something they believe in then that’s all good with me, especially if it’s about children.”

Judge Joel Ojeda is a piece of s**t & needs to leave UFC

After the highly controversial judging card of Joel Ojeda on Saturday’s fight between Vera v Sandhagen, Till had this to say;

“I know the judge because he’s a piece of s**t. He judged Marvin Vettori wrong as well. The way I’ve seen him judging in the last six months he has been part of every controversial decision there’s been. He shouldn’t be judging. He doesn’t know what type of fight he’s looking at. I watched the Vera v Sandhagen fight and when he read out this result I thought ‘this guy needs to go’. He just simply doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

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