FightBook MMA caught up with LFNE President Stephen Omwenga

RIO RANCHO, NM: Local Fight Night Entertainment (LFNE Championship) is a mixed martial arts promotion based out of Kenya and was founded back in November of 2020. During a press conferess in the video above, LFNE 4 was announced and made official with the event taking place on Saturday, July 10, 2021 live on PPV.

As we all know, the majority of African countries have financial difficulties which makes it extremly difficult to be able to provide equipment for these fighters to train. This is where LFNE comes into play, they will help give these fighters a place to train and have the opportunity to compete and make it big. With that being said, LFNE wants to ensure that the fighters have access to good medical treatment and nutrition to be able to capitalize in builduing a career off of their passion in fighting.

FightBook MMA CEO and Director of Cage Gladiators USA Roberto Villa, had the honor to talk to the President of LFNE Mr. Stephen Omwenga. We talked about LFNE 4, Cage Gladiators and what future plans he has for his organization. Check out the conversation below.

FBMMA: Stephen thank you so much for this opportunity to be able to talk to you during your hectic schedule. Before we start this interview, can tell the fans a bit about yourself?

Stephen: I am Stephen Omwenga, Born in 1983 and having Kenyan Nationality. I am Married and a father to one Daughter. I am a professional accountant having done my accounting at Strathmore University Nairobi, Kenya. I am also trained in Taekwondo which i started in 2002 after clearing my high school. I am The Founder & CEO of LFN Entertainment Limited, a mixed Martial Arts Promotion Company based in Nairobi Kenya. I am also the Chairman and Founder of Bathopele Hope Foundation, a charitable organization whose main objective is the concern for the orphaned children.

FBMMA: Stephen you’re the President of LFNE, can you let us know what inspired you to start LFNE?

Stephen: As a trained fighter with the passion for Mixed Martial arts I was really motivated to start this initiative to encourage young fighter’s talent development and enabling them to showcase their skills in a controlled environment while providing entertainment to fans of all ages. The main purpose of the organization is to promote and encourage young fighters talent promotion and nurturing by providing an enabling environment to the talented fighters and promoting access to quality training on mixed martial arts, looking into their welfare and ensuring that the fighters have a career from their talent, access to proper health by providing medical covers and ensuring that all our fighters are highly disciplined through proper nurturing by instilling good communication skills hence proper self-conduct. This is what we do and what we stand for; it will be at the very core of every event we undertake and every program of change we are part of. LFNE Championship was created with the ambition to have a positive impact on young fighters and their families’ lives. LFNE has provided the basic platform for the young fighters who had been training hard without proper future plans to showcase their talent but just doing the hard work for self-defense.

FBMMA: LFNE 4 is just a few days away and the fight card is looking pretty good. How excited are the fighters that are on the card to be able to have the opportunity to fight that night.

Stephen: The fighters have been very happy and optimistic ever since LFNE opened its doors; they now have a good platform to showcase what they have been training over time. LFNE4 promises fans a great show; action packed that will definitely show the world the kind of talent we have in the country and also it will have huge impact on the local fans who have never witnessed MMA bouts in the country other than watching UFC and the likes online.

FBMMA: Stephen, lets talk about Cage Gladiators. How did all this come to fruition with LFNE to work together with Cage Gladiators?

Stephen: Cage Gladiators was a timely partner that was long awaited. After having a successful event at LFNE2 which was aired live on KUTV, a local University based TV Station, I received a call from KTN, A major TV Station in Kenya where i did an interview on a Sunday afternoon show called, “Scoreline”. Coincidentally Cage Gladiator were recruiting countries into their platform, One of Cage Gladiators Directors In charge of International Logistics, Mr. Kevin Boyd is married to a Kenyan Ann Wambui Ibabu. With the interest for her country at heart she was able to get my contact and shared it with the CEO Cage Gladiators Ireland Mr. Ian Dickson. He reached out to me and we had a long discussion which culminated to my appointment as the Director & CEO Cage Gladiators Kenya. After this i was also introduced to the CEO IFC, Mr. John Patrick Clarke who has been very key in our LFNE – Cage Gladiators Partnership.

FBMMA: Cage Gladiators is growing tremendously with the help of Ian Diclson. We can see that Cage Gladiators each day we have a new Director in each country and now here in the States. Talk to us on what your thoughts are and how do you feel about this growth.

Stephen: The growth is very encouraging especially to us from Africa, where we’ve lacked the right platform to showcase the young fighter’s talent. I am very happy to be associated and be part of the larger Cage Gladiators family worldwide, it’s also a pleasure to note that we have Cage Gladiators in the States and it will be a great opportunity to work closely with you.

FBMMA: I personally am very excited to be part of the Cage Gladiator family. Can you tell us what made the both of you to have the final decision in picking these Directors?

Stephen: I believe all Cage Gladiators directors have been picked wisely; the determining factor has always been the passion and the interest all the directors exude.

FBMMA: OK Stephen, so when I do these interviews I like to ask three random questions.

1.) What is your favorite food?

Stephen: Ugali & Kuku

2.) What do you when your not busy with LFNE?

Stephen: I am an Accountant, a charitable person and during my free time i like travelling. I also have a passion for farming so i spend some quality time in the farm.

3.) Who is your favorite fighter either in the past or the present?

Stephen: Well I do not only have one favorite fighter but just to mention a few, from the past WWE – Stone-cold Steve Austin, MMA- Tito Ortiz, Current MMA – Israel Adesanya, Francis Ngannou, Kamaru Usman and WWE- Roman Reigns (Bigdog)

FBMMA: Stephen, what predictions do you have for the future of LFNE and Cage Gladiators?

Stephen: Definitely a very bright future awaits, the team is very friendly and I foresee great achievements together.

FBMMA: Stephen it was a pleasure talking to you and thank you for this opportunity. Anyone you want thank the floor is yours.

Stephen: I would like to appreciate my local team of professionals for making LFNE a success starting from our Media Partners, KUTV, My fighter Coordinators, My Lawyer Patrick, My Wife Rosemary, coaches and definitely the fighters. I would also like to thank Ann Wambui Ibabu for the thought of her country and thus our partnership. Kevin Boyd, Ian Dickson and John Patrick Clarke for the good support we are receiving and the amazing partnership.


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